4D Result Malaysia today Gold Rush and Speed 777

4D Result Malaysia today “Gold Rush” and “Speed 777”

To provide a good choice for people to dig another treasure, as well as the opportunity to scrap Award. “Gold Rush” each priced at NT $ 200, the first prize of 2 million yuan a total of 5, the total prize of more than 1.68 million, winning rate of 34%; “speed 777” each priced at 100 yuan, scraped lucky numbers “7” there is a bonus, the maximum prize money 700,000 yuan. Sandakan 4D may wish to buy a scratch scratch music, experience fast scraping fast, paper gold rush Damacai 1+3D Malaysia screaming pleasure.

Singapore Pools ToTo gold rush treasure as the theme of the “gold rush”

Face full of gold, gold and other glittering wealth of gold and other elements, each priced at 200 yuan, a total of five first prize of 2 million yuan, more than 170,000 1,000 yuan More than 1.68 million prizes, total prize money of more than 630 million yuan, Damacai 1 + 3D Malaysia 4D deposit bonus winning rate of 34%. “Gold Rush” offers a variety of games, including “lucky numbers”, “scraping three in three”, “scraping six in three” and “scratch”, up to 10 times the chance of winning.

Easy to play 4D Past Result “Speed 777” is loved by many consumers

With a group of diehard fans, as long as the number of “7” on the winning, each priced at 100 yuan, the total prize more than 1.57 million, more than 10 Million more than 700 yuan awards, the highest prize money 700,000 yuan, 4dresult Tips winning rate of 28%, a total of 7 times the chance of winning, Choi fans every 7 good luck, fast scraping super stimulation!

4D Result Malaysia invites everyone to “buy lottery tickets

Do public service, merit”. For information on the issue of scraper, please click on the “Advertisement Score” in the Magnum 4D News website and the “Notice” in the news area.