4D Result Malaysia Live of the highest bonus

4D Result Malaysia of the highest bonus

The highest number of games, plus the longest time to the activities of the time! 4D Result today announced the launch of the highest in the history of NT $ 940 million plus bonus, from mid-autumn overweight to double ten national celebration, in addition to popular favorite “Magnum 4D News Lotto” will be in these two-band overweight activities were launched head “BINGO BINGO Bingo Bingo” for five minutes, and the “Powerful Color” and “Monday and Saturday” Lottery “Past Malaysia 4D Result” and other popular computer games are overweight, will accompany the people from the Mid-Autumn Festival began to celebrate the double ten National Day, would like to harvest the wealth of the people do not miss this fall.

4D Result Malaysia Live “2016, double ten overweight

” press conference in Singapore Pools ToTo warm Samba kicked off, the yellow will be on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival all the way to double the National Day. The most popular consumer “lottery” on September 13 (105000080, Tuesday), September 16 (105000081, Friday) for two consecutive periods, in addition to the first prize to ensure 100 million yuan plus 8,000 Million yuan; September 13 (105000080, Tuesday) to September 27 (105000084, Tuesday) lottery 5 “big lottery” award to Sandakan 4D also have the code, this 5 second prize every note Fixed overweight 1 million yuan, three awards each note fixed plus 50,000 yuan, Stanford Stanford each note fixed plus 10,000 yuan, 000 yuan per note fixed plus 5 thousand yuan, Lu each injection fixed plus 1 thousand dollars.

Damacai 1 + 3D “BINGO BINGO Bingo Bingo”

once every 5 minutes from September 13 to September 26 (105051969 to 105054810) Total plus 14 days, plus content includes “basic play” 1 ~ 6 star total of 9 awards bonus plus, simple and fun 4D rebate bonus “guess size”, bonus multiplier will also be increased from 6 times to 7 times.