Ningxia Fucai honor 4D Result Malaysia Live

Ningxia Fucai honor 4D Result Malaysia Live

Recently, the autonomous region of the spiritual civilization construction Steering Committee for the Ningxia Fucai Center awarded the 2016 annual – 2019 annual “autonomous region civilized unit” honorary certificate and honor plaque. This is the second time that Ningxia Fucai Center has won this Damacai 4D Result Malaysia. Civilized units received this award is the Fucai Center, the Civil Affairs Department of the Autonomous Region of the party carefully guided and the correct leadership of the results, but also CashSweep 4D Results Ningxia Fucai Center all cadres and workers to create the results. In recent years, Ningxia Fucai Center has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the spirit of the Third, the Fourth and the Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and carried out the important speech spirit of Xi Jinping, closely around the “four comprehensive” To cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism as the fundamental, in strict accordance with the new autonomous region civilized unit evaluation system, adhere to the party and government work together, hold it to create, around the “safe operation, healthy development” work philosophy, To mobilize all the welfare workers, everyone involved, pioneering and enterprising CashSweep 4D Result, and actively carry out spiritual civilization construction activities, the formation of civilized and Fucai sales management work go hand in hand, to create a good The blessing of the new image, and achieved fruitful results.


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To raise the public welfare fund of 2.9 billion yuan for the Ningxia Autonomous Region social welfare undertakings and public welfare charity made a great contribution. Since the launch of the “civilized unit” activities, Ningxia Fucai Center within the formation of CashSweep 4D Result of the unity and forge ahead, the officers and entrepreneurs, actively scr888, willing to sacrifice a good situation, cadres and workers hard work, pioneering, fully demonstrated the district civilized units Of the fresh vitality and the spirit of the times, effectively play a supervision, management, service functions. Ningxia Fucai Center leadership team firmly locked the “autonomous region civilized unit” goal, strengthen the CashSweep 4D Result leadership, meticulously deployed, and actively organize the work of the creation of Magnum 4D Past Result. Closely follow the socialist core values, and constantly enrich the activities of the carrier, in-depth moral lectures, poverty alleviation, volunteer service, mass culture and entertainment, to create a series of activities such as civilization to create a good atmosphere.

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Cadre Staff Civilization Habits Further CashSweep 4D Result. Through the creation of spiritual civilization, embodies the people, and enhance the enthusiasm of the officers and entrepreneurship, to promote the development of Fucai cause a strong spiritual power. 4D rebate bonus certificate Ningxia Fucai Center as a new starting point in the future work, and constantly forge ahead, improve their ability to service, improve their work efficiency and quality of work, and constantly enhance the ability to innovate, based on jobs, Solid action, and actively for the “civilized units of the autonomous region” add luster, and strive to enhance the rich color circulation, for the Ningxia public charity to raise more Sandakan 4D News Chest to make greater contributions.