Fucai with degrees 4D Result Malaysia Festival

Fucai with degrees 4D Result Malaysia Festival

“Alone in a foreign land for the stranger, every festive times”, tells the people of the holiday reunion of the special cherished Magnum 4D Malaysia, Mid-Autumn Festival, rejuvenation. In the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the occasion of the arrival of the provinces and cities Fucai also action, and actively for the festival to add atmosphere, intimate visit frontline sales staff and some can not reunite with the family of special groups, intimate to accompany their “round” dream. Heyuan: to carry out the site of the sales staff of the condolences “You are hard!” A simple greeting to Heyuan Fu Cai 44060107 betting station owners Day Day test from the stunned moment to Magnum 4D Malaysia surprise. Guangdong Province Fucai Center Director Huang Yanbing use in Heyuan City to attend the province of Fu Cai scratched music that is the billing business training session of the free time machine, came to Heyuan City Fucai betting station condolences. In the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, Huang Zhuren for the site line sales staff sent the sabah 88 4D condolences, but also brought warm and warm encouragement and warm blessing. “Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, the Guangdong Province around the city Fucai Center have carried out the Mid-Autumn Festival condolences, inspiring morale, boost the people, add to the drive, to promote the sales volume of the Mid-Autumn Festival, , Has also become a blessing between the center and sales line owners and sales staff from the bridge and link.

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Fucai Center of condolences and care, let me really feel the blessing of the family of a sense of belonging, will continue to carefully manage the cause of good luck. “Huiyang: joint betting station owners and volunteers to visit the special sick group Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, Huizhou City Huiyang welfare lottery distribution center organization part of the betting station owners on behalf of the joint Huizhou City Cihui public welfare organizations, Huiyang District love public benefits Magnum 4D Malaysia Volunteer team and other business groups, condolences to the Huiyang District psychological rehabilitation hospital medical staff and mental patients, to send them greetings and blessings of the Mid-Autumn Festival in this condolence activities, Huiyang Fucai betting station owners to actively participate in, with actual action return Society, a good practice of the blessing of “help the old, disabled, save the solitary, the difficulties of the” purpose of the release. Huiyang Fucai Center hope that through the Singapore Pools ToTo organize such public welfare activities to attract more people and groups involved in special Qingyuan: sentimental site to send festive blessings and gifts this year in the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Qingyuan City Fucai center love to pay attention to line line Magnum 4D Malaysia sales staff, led by the center director Tang Fengmei, assigned to work Group to the city of Fucai betting station to visit condolences, and sent to them Blessing and condolence goods in the 44180106 betting station, the owner of Ms. Yang cordially holding the hands of director Tang, his face filled with SCR888 happy smile: “really thank you, the center to be like our loved ones in general, let us feel Hot! In the future, I will continue to work hard to stick to the sales post, for the blessing of the cause of add luster.

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Public welfare activities, including the school, including the province’s 12 children care institutions left behind to provide Magnum 4D Malaysia aid funds, not only that, the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the activities group also recruited car owners together to form a “love to find mission”, by car to Xiangxi Yong Shun and 4D Result Malaysia Promotion The school’s left-behind children spend a special Mid-Autumn Festival. Shangqiu: for the children’s welfare homes to send the children to the warm autumn to send cool benefits to ask the fish and water. In order to promote the charity, the charity law to implement the implementation of the Magnum 4D Malaysia vulnerable groups sent to the warmth, in the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, Shangqiu welfare lottery distribution center in conjunction with a force hospital to Shangqiu City Children’s Welfare Institute, sent to Damacai 1 + 3D News life necessities, food and other condolences and festive blessings, and children free consultation, gift. Mid-Autumn Festival has passed, but the blessing of the companionship in the silent place to continue, and in the “old age, help disabled, save the solitary, the storm” on the road, always firmly believe in the cause of public welfare to make their own efforts and contributions.