Harbin Fucai held 4D Results hiking meeting

Harbin Fucai held 4D Results hiking meeting

Heilongjiang Province, the fifth “folk Huigong Fu Cai Longjiang line” theme activities and Harbin “Fu Choi Cup” The second lottery festival in the beautiful Songhua River held a grand ceremony Sandakan 4D, Heilongjiang Province Fucai Center, Harbin Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Harbin City newspaper group leaders and from the city of nearly ten thousand lottery friends took part in the Damacai 4D Result Malaysia meeting. This meeting by the Harbin welfare lottery center issued an exclusive title, Harbin Daily Group City Information Daily hosted. Harbin Welfare Lottery Distribution Center During the Mid-Autumn Festival, thanks to the city’s lottery friends over the years to support the work of China’s welfare lottery, to better build China welfare lottery public image, publicity China welfare lottery “help old, disabled, And the promotion of the “public welfare, charity, health, happiness, innovation,” the blessing of Sandakan 4D culture, in the provincial welfare center and the Municipal Finance Bureau under the strong support of the “blessing Cup” the second lottery festival.

Singapore 4D makes the majority of lottery friends

A new dimension and perspective, to understand the nature and fundamentals of the Magnum 4D Past Result, and to enhance the motivation, initiative and awareness of the purchase of welfare lottery. Improve the welfare lottery circulation and public welfare level, so that more difficult groups and difficult people get timely and effective help and rescue. At the same time, also in the form of hiking in general for the majority of the people of Harbin and Lottery friends to create a good leisure and fitness conditions, to achieve the combination of walking and Fucai distribution. 8, the whole, with the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau Party Secretary, Secretary Zhang Weilin Ming made the gun to “Bingcheng Fu Cai public for the day” as the theme, dressed in printed Chinese welfare lottery logo and color ball, happy, scratched music and in the blessing Sandakan 4D Online tickets of the four colors T-shirts of nearly ten thousand lottery friends, in the 550 side printed with the Chinese welfare lottery “help the old, disabled, save the solitary, the storm” Sport ToTo Tips issued under the banner of the banner Sandakan 4D departure, walking on the steps along the beautiful banks of the Songhua River, the whole 13 km. Autumn in the ice city, in the walking along the Stalin Park, nine station parks, water parks, music corridors, Yang Mingtan Bridge and along the establishment of the “scratch” music market, everywhere filled with lottery friends laughter.

At the end of Tongjiang Square 4D deposit bonus

Ushered in the first batch of completed the SCR888 walker Lottery Sandakan 4D friends, they hand in the foldback point covered with “China Welfare Lottery” stamp of the ticket, received a festive logo printed with souvenirs, from time to time friends with souvenirs to walk The presenter of the conference played a self-timer for the background. City Fucai Center and the “City Information” sent staff and volunteers to participate in the walking meeting of the Sandakan 4D Lottery friends to provide security and logistical support, responsible for the release of drinking water, along the guide, check-in punch, “scratch” sales and distribution Souvenir staff warm service and lottery friends happy smile in the beautiful Songhua River Bank to write a CashSweep 4D News Harbin Fucai people to build a socialist harmonious society beautiful chapter. Activities so that we harvest too many smiling faces, harvest too much laughter, but also harvest a lot of praise and Lottery friends on the cause of China Welfare Lottery good wishes, we will also organize various types of public welfare activities, to send back lottery friends Support for Fucai work.