Magnum 4D Tips said today

Magnum 4D Tips said today

That the August 2016 government-created Sandakan 4D surplus of NT 2.63 billion yuan, from January 103 to August 2016 until the end of August, the fourth Magnum 4D Tips accumulated government Damacai 1 +3 D News The surplus was RMB 81.647 billion, 50% of which was allocated to the local government for social welfare, 45% for the government subsidy and 5% for the national health insurance.

4D Result Promotion said that in August

The government created Magnum 4D Tips for a single month of 2.636 billion yuan, of which 1.138 billion yuan allocated to the municipalities and municipalities for social welfare purposes, but the actual allocation will be in accordance with the “Past Singapore 4D Result “, the allocation of 1,186 million yuan to 4D national pension, 132 million yuan is allocated to the National Health Insurance.

August Sport ToTo Malaysia 2005 government public

Welfare lottery earnings are based on scratch 157 and 159 to 165, Lotto 2016000068 to 2016000076 period, power color 2016000061 to 2016000069 period, the first 2016000062 to 2016000070 period, four color 2016000183 to 2016000209, 2016C0201610 to 2016000209, 38Kohe Lottery No. 2016000061 to 2016000069, 495,000 to 2016000076, 59 to 2016000209, 20169 to 2016000209, 539 to 2016000209 As well as bingo bingo No. 2016043240 to 2016049532 of the total 4D Result Malaysia Live sales of the calculation basis.