The 4D Result project has achieved remarkable

The 4D Result project has achieved remarkable

Expand legal aid, serve the people’s livelihood, and promote harmony and stability. Reporters on the 7th from China 4D Result Malaysia Live Legal Aid Foundation held in Beijing, the central special Singapore 4D ToTo Sport gold legal aid project summary deployment work conference was informed that the “second five” period, to promote China’s legal aid business balanced development, Safeguard and improve people’s livelihood has made a positive contribution.

Central Specialized Magnum 4D Malaysia Gold Legal Assistance Project

Summary of deployment work conference held in Beijing. Mr. Zhao Daquan, member of the Leading Group of the Ministry of Justice and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Justice, attended the December 7 meeting held in Beijing. The meeting summed up the central special Magnum 4D Past Result gold legal aid project (hereinafter referred to as lottery public welfare project) “second five” period of work, study the deployment of “thirteen” period of work, in recognition of the “second five” Period project demonstration unit, project management advanced individual and excellent case contractor. Director of the Ministry of Justice Party Secretary, Vice Minister Zhao Daocheng, member of the All-China Women’s Federation, secretary of the Secretariat Tan Lin, Magnum 4D Tips Legal aid Foundation Director Zhang Yanzhen attended the meeting, and for the recognition of the project demonstration units, project management advanced individuals and Excellent case contractors on behalf of awards. Zhao Daqian and Zhang Yanzhen spoke at the meeting. To further promote the work, to enhance the public awareness of the project to enhance the project impact, so that the project better play social utility.

Sabah 88 4D points out the deployment of the State Department

4D Result Malaysia Promotion through the majority of legal aid agencies, law firms, legal aid private non-enterprise units, higher law schools and other units and lawyers, legal aid, the Ministry of Finance, the National Federation of Trade Unions, the National Women’s Federation and other departments with the support and support Workers work together, 4D gold legal aid project smoothly. The Magnum 4D News program has played a positive role in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, the disabled, the women, the minor, the migrant workers, the maintenance of the correct implementation of the law, the maintenance of social justice and justice, and the rule of law, , To maintain social stability has made a positive contribution.