4D Result Malaysia use this class welfare lottery

4D Result Malaysia use this class welfare lottery

Joint campaign media to carry out Damacai 4D Result Malaysia “Fucai public welfare line” activities, invited journalists to interview the welfare lottery charity projects, sponsors, witness the welfare lottery faithfully fulfill the social responsibility of the imprint. The initiative to accept and cooperate with inspections superior inspection teams to monitor the parent’s supervision department, audit department audited superior, and socially relevant agencies, organizations and work supervision of welfare lottery fund use and management, and further demonstrates Singapore Pools Results Jiangxi welfare lottery sun The Sunshine work to the sun’s mission to take the three sheep Kai Tai years, it is deepening the reform of the year, a series of social concerns, far-reaching, unprecedented reform programs have been introduced, the public praise, the world’s attention. Deepening the reform and becoming the new normal state of China. Sabah 88 4D was born in the mid-eighties of the last century China’s welfare lottery along the way, although it has been all the way to the new revolution, but also facing deepening reform, building “sunshine blessing” is one of the important content.

Jiangxi Province 4D Malaysia Singapore Result

On the one hand to sort out the abolition of the irregular check4d system, the revised existing but not perfect system, on the other hand carefully develop the necessary rules and regulations to further standardize the Singapore Pools Results workflow, solid progress “sunshine blessing.” This year, “the management of the betting station”, “financial management approach”, “fixed asset management approach”, “information release management regulations”, “official reception management regulations”, “director office meeting system”, ” The “system” has been introduced for the “sunshine Fu Cai” laying the sunshine road. The establishment of the system can not just write on paper, hanging on the wall, otherwise it is still a dead letter, a pile of nonsense. “Grasp the implementation of” scr888 this ordinary vocabulary, is the implementation of a solid system of footsteps. Over the past year, the province Fucai system a series of situation analysis, job scheduling, office, coordination, training, seminars, exchanges and other meetings, so that the system into action; one after another inspection, supervision, inspectors Responsibility, rectification and other initiatives,let the system to take root. Welfare lottery is not only the majority of caring people to participate in the social pool, participate in the livelihood of the project, dedicated love 4d stc sun stage, welfare lottery issue sales agency, is the sun stage builders and defenders.

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In the sun stage show public welfare charity, in 2015, Jiangxi Fucai innovative thinking, with the sun-like mission, and constantly expand the stage extension, improve the convenience of people 4D deposit bonus. The first is to expand sales channels, to the majority of Lottery to provide more colorful, in the consolidation of the existing Singapore Poolsing betting outlets, has in the train station, bus station, shopping malls, supermarket chains, farmers market, living area, and the major mobile , Telecommunications, banking, postal outlets and other large traffic, staff densely populated places, additional welfare lottery sales outlets more than 1,000, greatly facilitate the Lottery ticket. Followed by the truth feedback, to the majority of Lottery to provide more love return, has organized more than 10 awards, awards on the award, lucky draw 4D Result Malaysia News, involving the computer ticket, that is, billing and the three blessing online , The total amount of money paid up to tens of millions of dollars. To increase the service items and content, to the majority of Lottery to provide quality services, in the consolidation of traditional services, the opening of 400 free service hotline, online bid betting station, self-service betting terminal, WeChat public number, network query, to facilitate the lottery channel to understand Fucai, concerned about Fucai. Sunshine warm, sunny passion to broadcast old, disabled, save the solitary, the poor, Singapore Pools Results is the welfare lottery sunshine mission. Jiangxi Fucai and the majority of Lottery together to winter sunny warmth, with love warm others, with love to pass the energy.