Shaanxi Charity Night 4D Result Success

Shaanxi Charity Night 4D Result Success

In order to meet the implementation of the “Charity Law of the People’s Republic of China” on September 1 and the arrival of the first China Charity Day, the Shaanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Provincial Charity Association, the Provincial Welfare Lottery Distribution Center, Shaanxi Radio and Television hosted toTo 4D Malaysia China Charity Day “Shaanxi Charity Night TV” was held at the Qujiang Convention Center in Xi’an on the evening of August 31. Deputy Director of the Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Wu Qianjin, Vice Governor of the Provincial Government Feng Xinzhu, Vice Chairman of the Provincial CPPCC Qianjun Chang, Honorary President of the Provincial Charity Association Xu Shanlin, Honorary President of the Provincial Charity Association Chen Zansheng, Lu Dong, Provincial Charity Association President Liu Weilong, Provincial Civil Affairs Office CashSweep 4D Result Mr. Zhao Zhengcai, Deputy Director Lu Feng, Ge Yang Nian, Guo Huimin, Director of the Office of the Disaster Reduction Committee Dong Yaming, Deputy Inspector Zhu Shenggen and relevant departments and relevant units responsible comrades, representatives of outstanding volunteers 1600 people attended the charity party. In the province, the provincial government’s care, ToTo 4D Malaysia in the community’s support, 20 years, the province’s various types of charitable organizations to raise money worth over ten billion yuan to help the poor population of more than 10 million.

The province’s welfare lottery issuing Singapore Pools ToTo

50 billion yuan to raise Fu Cai public welfare fund 13 billion yuan, 6.5 billion yuan to invest in social welfare undertakings, to benefit millions of difficult people. At the scene of the party, Vice Governor Feng Xinzhu said that Shaanxi was the birthplace of Chinese civilization and that the people of Shaanxi were known as Toad 4D Malaysia. Since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of charitable organizations in our province, charitable forces have grown to become an important supplement to social security. “Charity Law” 4D Singapore Past Result promulgated and implemented, for the charity norms, development provides legal protection, opened up a new era of China’s charity.We have to study in the province in depth to promote the implementation of the “charity law”, “charity” to develop charity vision, “charity” innovative charity work,4dresult Tips “charity” standard charity activities, with the “charity law” to cultivate all the charity awareness in the whole society to build everyone to the good, everyone good charity environment, mobilize more social forces help out of poverty, promote social progress And economic development. Party celebrated the ToTo 4D Malaysia second “Sanqin Charity Award” outstanding charity units and individuals, Jia Pingwa, Lei Zhenmin, Xiao Yunru and other well-known writers and artists donated ink, will be used in charity after all the charity cause.

In Xi’an Xincheng Square 4D Promotion

Held in Shaanxi Province and Xi’an City, “Charity Law” theme publicity activities. Vice Governor Feng Xinzhu attended the ceremony and announced the event started. Start ceremony by the province at all levels of people ToTo 4D Malaysia government departments simultaneously, home based in Xi’an. Scr888 Provincial Welfare Center in the Metro site set up a booth to promote welfare lottery games and charity charity concept. Fung Xinzhu Deputy Governor of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Fucai Center booth, to listen to the staff briefing, and even said: “You contribute a lot!” To give blessing CashSweep 4D News great support and encouragement. City Fucai institutions also actively participate in the local “Charity Law” promotional activities, which, Hanzhong City, the production of charity and Fucai propaganda film in the central square and square electronic screen to play, organize staff to set up Fucai counseling platform to answer the public consultation. In a five-day campaign, Ankang will promote the charity and charity concept through newspapers, television and community. Yulin Fucai staff in addition to the campaign before the booth to do outside the ToTo 4D Malaysia, also took to the streets to expand the impact of leaflets. Xianyang, Baoji and other cities also under the Civil Affairs Bureau unified deployment, participated in the “Charity Law” promotional activities, and achieved good results. Vice Governor Feng Xinzhu listened to the situation of the staff.