Xia Fucai 4D Result Situation Analysis Conference

Xia Fucai 4D Result Situation Analysis Conference

July 20, Ningxia welfare lottery market situation analysis meeting held in Yinchuan. 28 districts and counties of the whole city civil affairs director, the relevant person in charge of the Civil Affairs Department, the center of the sales center in the blessing and Ningxia Fucai Sport ToTo Malaysia Center, a total of more than 100 staff attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Fan Haitao, deputy director of Ningxia Fucai Center, and Zhao Weiguo, director of Ningxia Fucai Center, made a work report of Sport ToTo Malaysia, two city service management stations, and three Zhongfu online sales offices. Wang Fenggang, deputy director of the Civil Affairs Department attended the meeting and made an important speech. Meeting review, analysis, summed up the work of the first half, the deployment of the second half of the task. The meeting that the region Sabah & Sarawak 4D results Fu Cai work in the Fucai Center under the guidance of the well, under the correct leadership of the Civil Affairs Department of the Autonomous Region and the Department of Finance under the support of the attention, Ningxia Fucai Center in accordance with the annual work arrangements and performance objectives, To overcome the serious economic situation inside and outside the region and fierce competition in the market and other unfavorable factors, to further standardize market management, broaden sales channels, enrich the promotional activities, strengthen the team building, enhance the brand image, the Past Malaysia 4D Result work steadily, Sales growth steady growth.

Sport ToTo Malaysia the region’s welfare lottery sales

An increase of 38.38 million yuan, an increase of 5.07%, accounting for 61.89% of the region’s lottery market share, raising welfare lottery 1.25 billion yuan. In the second half of the year, Ningxia Singapore 4D ToTo Sport will continue to carry out the meeting and document spirit in accordance with the requirements of the Fucai Center and the Office of the Civil Affairs Department, and earnestly promote the ” We will continue to focus on the annual work objectives as a whole to promote the completion of a good annual sales tasks, focusing on five aspects: First, strengthen the channel construction, enhance the sales terminal image; the second is to strengthen Sport ToTo Malaysia marketing, to enhance the overall sales ; Third is to strengthen the market management, to enhance the quality of online service in the blessing; four is to strengthen the training to lead, improve service market capacity; five is to strengthen the publicity guide to enhance the impact of Fucai brand. In addition, but also to speed up the pace of functional facilities, to solve the problem of the use of lottery sales system resources to carry out the welfare of the theme of practical activities to strengthen the building of clean government, SCR888 strengthen Magnum 4D Past Result Fucai brand shape, and continuously improve the market Capacity and job management.

Autonomous Region 4d Result Malaysia Tips

Wang Fenggang made an important speech at the meeting, he fully affirmed the first half of the 4D Result Promotion area welfare lottery results, he stressed that: the first half, Ningxia Fucai Center in the main responsible person to adjust the case, unite , Active, as in the market operations, branding, their own construction, internal management, basic Sport ToTo Malaysia protection and other aspects of steady, create success, to maintain a sustained and steady growth of the good momentum, commendable. In addition, Wang Fenggang, deputy director of the work of Fucai made three strict requirements: First, uphold the purpose of shaping the welfare lottery public brand culture: the second is to adhere to the bottom line to promote the healthy development of safe and healthy operation; third is difficult, to ensure that the annual Sport ToTo Malaysia Task Completed. Finally, the meeting asked delegates to seriously study, fully implement the spirit of the meeting, focusing on the spirit of Wang Fenggang, deputy director of the speech, the lottery issue work on civil affairs “second finance” CashSweep 4D News height, and Other civil affairs work with the deployment, with the inspection, with the implementation. City and Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and service management station should focus on the overall situation of the development of civil affairs in the region to reform and innovation as the driving force to pay close attention to the implementation of the means, according to the beginning of the work plan and the second half of the market focus, careful analysis of the market situation On the basis of innovative thinking, innovative marketing tools, innovative work methods, in order to achieve the objectives and tasks throughout the year and work hard.