Damacai4dresult Help Poor and Disadvantaged

Damacai4dresult Help Poor and Disadvantaged

Uphold and actively contribute to the community and to establish a closer relationship in the business community, Damacai4dresult of volunteer employees through the “staff into the community” activities,damacai4dresult taking advantage of Deepavali visited is located in the Sentul Sentul Assistance Center (Pusat Bantuan Sentul).

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Damacai4dresult for 25 assistance centers in Sentul

In this activity, Sentul assistance damacai4dresult centers received a total of up to 10,000 ringgit shopping vouchers, so that 20 low-income Indian families from Sentul, Chow Kit Road and benefit from Ipoh Road;damacai4dresult able to buy basic daily food such as rice, flour, cooking oil and soybeans and other India. Meanwhile, Damacai4dresult for 25 assistance centers in Sentul cram disadvantaged children prepare vouchers, so they needed to purchase new school stationery and books.Vice-President Sentul Assistance Center Manu Ha Ren (Manoharan), together with its board members and volunteer staff that they received funding Damacai4dresult assistance during the holidays are celebrated feel endless joy.

“This can help reduce the burden undeniably Sentul assistance center, because now the cost of living has been greatly improved, and we are often faced with a shortage of supplies of various difficulties. We hope damacai4dresult that the public will realize that we not only provide assistance, while improving the quality of this community, “he said.


Damacai4dresult Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian brand color

“Very grateful, we will take advantage of this time of the donation;! Not just because this aid can be used for this festive season, it can also spend several months” from Sentul Assistance Center was established became longer Volunteers Xin Gan (Jeyasingam Sinnadurai) gratefully told damacai4dresult.In 1987 Xiandou Cheng Li, Sentul Assistance Center is a selfless service for the benefit of the Malaysian community non-profit organizations.

Sentul aid centers where a number of damacai4dresult charitable activities, including a tutorial, inspirational lectures, blood donation campaign, legal and medical assistance, individual counseling provided daily and monthly food for vulnerable families and so on. Sentul assistance centers are often actively fund-raising events for the center overhead wish to contribute, please contact the Sentul Assistance Center 603–40410610.

Damacai4dresult Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian brand color; the company is Malaysia accredited tellers business operators. Damacai4dresult through a series of projects and activities held in China, the annual initiative to support education, social welfare and public health charity. With education Power Sdn Bhd (Jana Pendidikan Malaysia Sdn Bhd) acquisition of damacai4dresult, education, power will donate all net dividend income of damacai4dresult to the Community Chest. With this structure, the damacai4dresult has been substantially transformed into a company profit from the business community, long-term contributions to the Community Chest, make Malaysian community benefit.

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