4D Result Malaysia business to swagger

4D Result Malaysia business to swagger

To achieve the “total only increase unabated, ranking only into the retreat, the increase is not up or down, only a lot of share, than the progress, compared with the upgrade” target. The annual sales of welfare lottery nearly 3 billion yuan to raise more than 900 million yuan of public welfare, Damacai 4D Result Malaysia made a new contribution.

To “Singapore Pools ToTo” sense of responsibility

“low” target, “slow” crisis, through the implementation of “strong crossing Wujiang” type of marketing campaign, staged “CashSweep 4D Result” type channel alliance strategy, Half of the quilts “type of public welfare activities and other initiatives to achieve the” armed forces after the opening Yan “, lottery entity sales growth rate of growth in the forefront of the country, which open lottery (scratch) increased 23.7%, ranked No. 2 name. Marketing campaign like “strong crossing Wujiang” Long March Road, expedition difficult, if only to be busy, but also the third army Qi efforts. 2016 years, Past Singapore 4D Result take the initiative, started the unprecedented “broken days of panic” marketing campaign, the annual three votes of the “marketing battle”, like the Red Army in the long march in the “strong crossing Wujiang”, in full swing, one after another. “Main division” charge forward.

4dresult Tips its market contribution rate of 55% or more.

The “Central Army” has the characteristics of “short, flat and fast”, and the “two forces” together, the power of the two forces is more powerful. “Sport ToTo News” two-color ball game with “awards big, small prize” won the Lottery favorite, in order to better play the power of color ball, 2016, Jiangxi Fucai has 8 times the organization of the public and Lottery more than 300 people “approached the color ball” Witness the lottery the whole process, 3 times to organize the “two-color ball sales competition”, 28 times “double color ball award publicity”, and carefully implement the “two-color ball 900 million yuan prize” and other series of marketing promotions, and better play the ” Army “role. Welfare lottery “fast 3” game in March 1, 2016 in Jiangxi after the listing, become Jiangxi Fu Cai a “local army”.