2016 4D Result Malaysia start of the year

2016 4D Result Malaysia start of the year

It’s the province 4D cause forge ahead, another success year, is the province Lottery fruitful, a very productive year, but also for the cause of Gansu Province 4D make a new contribution to the cause A year This year, under the correct leadership of the Gansu Provincial Civil Affairs Department, under the careful guidance of Zhongfu Cai Center, in the work of Sport ToTo Malaysia and the enthusiasm of the broad masses of Lottery, Gansu Province 4D Center adhere to the Gansu civil affairs reform and development “13666 “Basic ideas and Gansu civil cadre team building” 13555 “work train of thought.

In accordance with the beginning of the development of the “Sabah & Sarawak 4D results

Approach to break through and solve the constraints of the development of the bottleneck of Fucai focus, to further promote the province’s 4D cause to a new level. Outlets that are a total of more than 50,000 yuan a total prize of 21 awards, the total prize money of 5.47 million yuan. Fast 3 out of 9,919,439 Note, the total prize money of 1.248 billion yuan. 4D Result does not forget the mission, practice the purpose of 2016 Gansu Province Fucai Center did not forget the original heart, practice the purpose, Singapore Pools Results adhere to the brand activities to promote the development of public welfare work ideas, continue to carry out, including “Gansu Fucai winter sunshine public action” , “Fukuzawa Longyuan 4D Result”, “ignite the dream of a dream university” and a series of brand charity activities, to carry out 21 public welfare projects for our province orphans, orphans and disabled children, vulnerable groups sent to the film love , Sport ToTo Past Result year total of 436 million yuan of public welfare funds, benefiting tens of thousands of people in distress.

4d Result Malaysia Tips to achieve every point of the results

Are inseparable from the community’s concern and support, can not be separated from the dedication and love of the Lottery. Looking forward 4D Result Promotion 2017, Fucai cause long way to go, Gansu Fucai will continue to shoulder the “help the old, disabled, save the solitary, the storm,” the historical mission of tempering forward, with real feelings and sense of responsibility for the masses to do practical things, , Firm ideals and beliefs, and always keep the feelings of the people, solid work, to promote sustained and healthy development of 4D Result, for the province to build a moderately prosperous society to contribute more power.