Ningxia 4D Result Lottery Distribution Center

Ningxia 4D Result Lottery Distribution Center

Magnum 4D Malaysia has decided to open up a staff member for the social open recruitment of labor contracts. (2) the nature of the post: Sabah 4D the job form for the employment of labor, signed with the center of the formalities of the work. Labor contract, probation period of two months. The first time to sign a labor contract for one year, expires depending on the performance of the decision whether to re-appointment.

Magnum 4D Malaysia is responsible for managing accounts

Magnum 4D Tips responsible for the monthly management of the management station check, that is, the billing warehouse inventory and other work; 3, responsible for daily document processing, do the relevant documents, information, letters, send and receive, transfer and archiving And so on. (Four) benefits: monthly salary by the basic wage and performance pay, the basic wage of 3,000 yuan (including five insurance), the performance of 800 yuan wages, not solve the accommodation. Second, the job requirements 1, under the age of 35 (born after November 20, 1981); accounting, accounting computerization, accounting and auditing and other accounting professional full-time college degree or above; limited women; 3, the recruitment method to take Magnum 4D Past Result written examination, interview, organize a combination of the way to choose the merit of the combination of good and bad, the use of common office software and UF and other financial software; Fourth, the application of candidates to go to their own 4D Result Malaysia Live Guyuan City Service Management Station to receive “Ningxia welfare lottery release center recruitment application form” and truthfully fill in the information. Registration should be accompanied by ID card, residence booklet, diploma, degree certificate, the relevant professional certificate and a copy of the original (the original site after the return of the examination, the copy will not be returned), do not accept the registration and mail registration, and To provide my recent 1 inch hat color photo 1.

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4D Guyuan City, the original government on the 22nd Street, Ningxia welfare lottery distribution center Guyuan City Service Management Station. Note: 4D Result Promotion Candidates are responsible for the authenticity of the application and personal circumstances, where the fraud, once discovered, that is to cancel the qualification; Magnum 4D News has signed a “labor contract”, the lifting of labor relations. 5, Magnum 4D Malaysia has a permanent residence in the original state of Guyuan City. It has a certain ability of writing, good interpersonal skills, organizational coordination and pressure capacity, good health and good character.