Malaysia Toto 4D Result First race

Malaysia Toto 4D Result First race

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Malaysia Toto 4D Result Damacai Bao Play 3D product to Win firstround race from Batu Caves of MountDora craft drive Perodua Myvi!
Damacai of the 3D plot treasure Play to Win the first round of contest winner is finally unveiled! Mount Dora craft from Batu Caves, who can now buy second cars to the family, he succeeded to win a car worth over 42,000 ringgit Perodua Myvi 1.3 EZS new cars!
Malaysia Toto 4D Result First race

Malaysia Toto 4D Result First race

Loyal to the big horse color and specificity in e mark Li Zengba for sale at the garden, after da Ma CAI contact learned that after winning the award, it is turned over a day! “I was participating in the games for the first time received a big prize. Now adds one more step to his family sedan, is simply too good; good luck to hope that this time can last! “Lee said.

Li every success in the past more than 50 years more than 200,000 entry ticket stand out and become the winner of the race in the first round, and Yu Xuelan today my garden horse goose mark in color for sale at an awards ceremony in the hands of the divination business senior national sales manager in Ho took the car keys and their shiny new Perodua Myvi.Malaysia Toto 4D Result The Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur near horse color and Lee purchase the 3D plot for sale at Treasure lottery of prize entry ticket and lucky sales office.

Just-concluded Malaysia-color 3D accumulated treasure of the Play to Win the first round of the competition was held on July 1, 2013 to 21st, in addition to Mr LEE, the winner, and the remaining ten lucky ones get consolation prizes, each valued at 500 million Shopping coupons.

Big horse color of HO in awards ceremony Shang mentioned, this times of activities except can award big horse color of faithful customer; more let customer are on big horse color new launched of 3D product treasure game has awareness, and soon became customer are of favorite; are for 3D product treasure is most easy winning of product treasure game, since on March 12, 2013 launched yilai total sent about 5 million makes JI of 32 copies product treasure.

Malaysia Toto 4D Result Even miss the 3D plot Po race in the first round of Play to Win, dont despair; second leg to have more, and nearly 85,000 Ji De Ford Fiesta 1.6LTi-VCT to be won! A 3-week race is the second leg commenced on July 22, 2013, until August 12.

To participate, customers can purchase 12 sheet betting slips seized ringgit 3D product when completed the entry ticket, and then submitted to color any sales in Malaysia.

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