4D Result Malaysia Live Organ unit

4D Result Malaysia Live Organ unit

We must study and implement the important spirit of the speech of the Singapore 4D series and the important instructions on the legal aid work. We will grasp the new situation facing the legal aid work and deepen the understanding of the importance of the lottery fund project and enhance the sense of mission and responsibility , Sandakan 4D News accurately grasp the work objectives and key tasks, to maximize the social effects of the project, quality and efficient completion of the “thirteen five” period of the project task, do a good job for the difficult groups to provide legal aid work.

Chairman of the Foundation of Damacai 4D Result Malaysia

Zhang Yanzhen (left) and so on to the project demonstration units, project management advanced individuals, outstanding case contractor issued a certificate. “Twelfth Five-Year” period of legal aid project demonstration units, project management advanced individuals, outstanding case contractors were commended (a). 4D Singapore Past Result, we must adhere to the spirit of the document [2015] No. 37, as the guide, focus on the scope of the file proposed to expand, improve quality, strengthen the protection and other task measures, and constantly expand the field of project services, labor security, marriage and family , Food and drug, education and health care and other matters closely related to their lives and work into the scope of funding projects; continuously improve the level of service, preferably the project implementation unit, 4d Result Malaysia Tips to improve the quality of the project supervision system, strict case review, improve the project implementation Process monitoring and effect assessment; 4D Result Malaysia continue to improve the efficiency of the use of funds, scientific and reasonable arrangements for the funds to maximize the project to play the economic and social benefits. To adhere to the people as the center of the development of ideas, Sandakan 4D conscientiously implement the central policy deployment, where there is a demand, the project implementation to promote where, who needs, the implementation of the project to whom people.

Sandakan 4D wholeheartedly serves the people

Enthusiastic, dedicated to each case of legal aid, and effectively solve the practical problems of the masses; actively explore innovative convenience measures, 4D deposit bonus simplify the implementation of procedures and procedures to improve the accessibility of legal aid services. To adapt to the “thirteenth Five” period of economic and social development of the new features of the new requirements, Sandakan 4D to further strengthen the standardization, institutionalization, standardization and information technology, and constantly innovate project management, improve the level of management, and strive to play a leading role in project demonstration.