4D Result The first date dating sweet

4D Result The first date dating sweet

Remember the first time to buy 4dresult News scene? Do you remember the moment of the first prize? Remember that there was a moment to see “Singapore 4D ToTo Sport” the slightest touched? At the end of the year, the China Welfare Lottery invites you to join us. “I have a 4D Result Malaysia Live event and will share the warm memories and happy pictures with everyone.

Damacai 4D Result Malaysia Dating Events

Past Singapore 4D Result will debut in the country on December 5! Participate in the event is very simple, concerned about the “China Fucai” WeChat public number, login activities interface, upload their own and Fucai related elements of the photo photo, and Fucai betting station can be a photo, and can just buy the welfare lottery photo, And Fucai welfare fund-funded welfare facilities of the photo ….. In short, the photo must have characteristics, to be creative. Upload photos at the same time, simply introduce the “4D Promotion” story. The solicitation will last for 10 days, starting on December 5 and ending on December 14th. Uploaded photos after the primaries, will be online voting, the final selection of the most popular “date photo.” In order to encourage the enthusiastic participation and support, we prepared a generous prize feedback to the general public: 4D Result Malaysia activities were awarded a first prize, reward IPad mini one; second prize three, the reward value of 500 yuan Jingdong shopping E card one, three prize 30, reward 50 yuan worth of a mobile phone recharge card.

Detailed participation and CashSweep 4D Result

4D after the release of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eighth Plenary Session, Xuyi Fucai Center Party branch in time to organize all members of the party, held on the “Sixth Plenary Session” 4dresult Tips meeting spirit learning forum. At the meeting read the “Eighth Plenary Session of the Eighth Plenary” and other content, we unified thinking, agreed that “in order to promote the comprehensive strict rule of the party to the grassroots level to consolidate and expand the party’s mass line education practice and ‘ We should actively carry out the discussion activities, and carry out comprehensively and profoundly deepen the reform of the party members in the ideological, organizational, style, discipline and other aspects of the problem.