4D Result Malaysia News “Singapore 4D”

4D Result Malaysia News “Singapore 4D

A multi-product feature, and the need for consumers to be innovative and fun and meet the joy of the atmosphere, the first puzzle extension game “Mahjong”, with special emphasis on playing Process, so that consumers can experience the slowly scraping, slowly enjoy the results of the announced scratch, the process step by step to “win” the excitement and “sabah 88 4D” excitement is completely different, launched in the market set off a Puzzle extended cyclone.

Since then 4D Result launched to collect lucky numbers

Connected bingo type, addition type and so play the game to extend the puzzle, 4D Result Malaysia News each launch are widely acclaimed, so puzzle extended type of play music scraping sales accounted for the proportion of year-on-year rise, The annual sales of 12% of the scratch music has been up to 27% by the end of the year, showing that both this kind of puzzle and excitement to stimulate the excitement of the extended type of scratch scratch music has become a trend. The “Damacai 1 + 3D Malaysia” is a brand new puzzle extension game. The “Sport ToTo Past Result” game concept, which is loved by poker players, is the award-winning concept. “Damacai 1 + 3D Malaysia” Yuan a total of four, more than 170,000 yuan more than 1,000 awards, winning rate of 28.58%.

The corresponding way use the 9 types of cards in the “Sport ToTo Past Result

With the medal-type corresponding to the bonus, such as scraping a pair of bonuses of 200 yuan, 2 bonus 300 yuan, 3 bonus 500 yuan, straight child bonus 1,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan flush bonus, gourd prize money of 5,000 yuan, iron bonus 10,000 yuan, flush bonus 100,000 yuan, shaved flush Dashun, that Was the first prize of 2 million yuan, can be said that the Magnum 4D Tips theme Scratch music version of the upgrade is bound to love to play cards of color fans to bring unprecedented stimulation and excitement.