Celebration Singapore 4D ToTo Sport

Grand Prix bursts, Celebration Singapore 4D ToTo Sport !

4D Result launched this fall in the history of the most overweight bonus, the longest overtime of the “Mid-Autumn Festival, double ten plus” activities, Sandakan 4D get the majority of fans, First prize, second prize overweight, first prize single note bonus from the original 800 million to 10 million yuan, the second prize single note bonus from the original 2 million breath to 3 million.

To celebrate the Double 10 Plus with the Sabah & Sarawak 4D Past Result fans

4D Result today launched a “100 People Celebrate the Good Luck” campaign with the Hong Kong Lottery Ticket Company Limited. General Manager 4D Result sent a 100- People, on-site arrangements for the lively occasion of the Damacai Malaysia, Singapore 4D ToTo Sport to attract a large number of people stop watching the crowd, while rare to buy lottery tickets over time, good luck, winning.

Lotto 4D Result Mid-Autumn Plus from September 13

Start of the first two consecutive overweight 80 million yuan, September 13 to 27 lottery of the five “big lottery” 4D Result Promotion Award to the Land Award also has overweight Singapore 4D ToTo Sport, statistics to September 23, the Mid-Autumn Festival overweight Magnum 4D News just 11 days, “Lotto” sent a total of 113 million yuan plus bonus, including 9 Note II Award, 271 Note Note, 714 Note Stanford Award, 13,188 Note Note Award and 17,660 Land Award.