Director of Welfare Lottery Center led 4D Result

Director of Welfare Lottery Center led 4D Result

Li Xingbing deputy director to the Damacai 4D Malaysia online sales office research October 17 to 20, China Welfare Lottery Distribution Management Center Deputy Director Li Yibing, technical management director Zhang Tong and his party 7 people to Guangdong Province to carry out “into the blessing Line “research activities, through the field to visit the sales outlets, visit the provincial and municipal CashSweep 4D Result Center and the welfare fund funded projects, and cadres and workers to discuss exchanges, etc., in-depth Fucai line inspection guide Fucai work. Deputy director of the inspection province of Damacai 4D Malaysia Center Data Center Li Yanbing deputy director of the first trip to the Guangdong Province Fucai Center, check the data center, to observe the whole process of computer lottery lottery.

Hear the Singapore Pools ToTo work report

Director of the Guangdong Damacai 4D Malaysia in recent years to give full recognition of the work, he said, Guangdong Fucai grasping infrastructure, grasping standardized management, team building and other aspects of solid and effective work, a lot of work in the forefront of the country, he hoped Guangdong Magnum 4D Past Result make persistent efforts to innovate and make new contributions to the development of Fu Cai. In Dongguan City, the deputy director of the performance of the East Side of the town of Dongtai Road, Changtai Road, China Merchants Center and the town of Wang Cheng Road, Fu Cai betting station, visited the Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park high-tech enterprises, and listened to the city Damacai 4D Malaysia Center report. Li Yibing, deputy director, said in recent years, Dongguan City, site construction, standardized management, channel development and other aspects of a lot of 4d Tips, significant results.

Dongguan Fucai 4D Promotion this year

The first three quarters of sales of 2.185 billion yuan, an increase of 8.2%, which is the billing sales of 310 million yuan, an increase of 4.27%, the results commendable. Li Zhanbing deputy director to Fucai betting station research in Foshan City, Li Yanbing deputy director in depth visit the Damacai 4D Malaysia betting station, study the construction of the betting station visualization, and listened to the work of the center report, he Foshan Fucai in the standardization, Standardization, fine construction and other aspects of the results given a high rating. Finally, Li, deputy director of the line also visited the blessing of the welfare fund funded the South China Sea Welfare Center Sandakan 4D News. Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department Deputy Director Rao Meiyi, province Damacai 4D Malaysia Center Director Huang Yanbing accompanied by research.