Announcement of the Singapore Pools 4D

Announcement of the Singapore Pools 4D

Announcement of the Singapore Pools 4D,The solicitation was received from sabah 88 4D different individuals.The award-winning 38 Damacai 4D News


In 2016 the third session of the open welfare 4D Result Malaysia product collection review results announced that the final 38 games won the Sport ToTo Malaysia Innovation Award and Excellence Award. In order to better serve the open welfare lottery market, for the majority of lottery people to provide colorful, play a variety of open-type lottery games, 4D Result Malaysia from the product innovation, patriotism and practical point of view, the China Welfare Lottery Distribution Management Center in July 1 to September 30 this year, 4D Result Malaysia launched the third open welfare lottery game collection activities.

The solicitation was received from sabah 88 4D different individuals

Group or organization of the game works of the balance of 120. These game products include public environmental protection,  4D Result Malaysia cartoon image, theme commemorative, festive blessings, happy sports, history and culture and fashion entertainment and other topics, the game covers a wide range of design style and play are innovative, award-winning design features, that is Open welfare lottery into the fresh blood. For the fairness, openness and fair selection of these games, the Fucai Center is invited by some art experts from colleges and universities, part of the provincial and municipal welfare institutions, namely, the director of the charge or the director and the welfare lottery ticket. 4D Result Tips 14 people formed a jury, the game conducted on-site review, and on the spot announced a variety of awards 38 games,  4D Result Malaysia including “digital Mody” and other 8 games won the regular game innovation award; “Challenge” and other 18 The game won the regular game Excellence Award; “thriving” and 4D deposit bonus other two games to obtain a special game innovation award; “Zodiac one” and other 10 games to obtain a special game Excellence Award.

The award-winning 38 Damacai 4D News

Into the China Welfare 4D Result Australia Distribution Management Center 4D rebate bonus, and choose to declare the issue. In addition, according to the contents of the current game solicitation notice and the activities of the sales agency publicity, organization and evaluation of the situation, “Beijing Welfare 4D Result Malaysia Distribution Center” and other 10 welfare lottery sales organization received excellent organization awards to reward the game The department or individual that made outstanding contributions during the solicitation process.