4D Result promotion is invoicing mode

4D Result Malaysia Promotion is invoicing mode

4D Result Asia to establish a market inspection service station for the grass-roots site to provide full-service; 4D Result Malaysia to introduce communications service providers, bank competition mechanism, more convenient to the owners; consignment contract from one year to one ; Relaxation of the billing limit; provinces and cities Fucai Center are set up a one-stop service hall; betting machine maintenance services extended to the city center; urban and rural uniform betting machine models to facilitate the rural Lottery Duijiang.

Innovative Management Magnum 4D Result Malaysia

Magnum 4D News “the province’s Fucai information management system”, “the province’s outlets that billing sales management system” to achieve a smart office, information management, effectively guard against the risk. Healthy development, safety first In order to ensure the technical safety foolproof, the provincial 4D Result Center to enhance the safety and reliability of the new room, all equipment using dual hot standby mode to ensure the system is running without interruption; planning disaster prepared system construction program, and completed the preparatory work jobs. Open and transparent, sunshine color. Under the supervision of the Notary Office, the Magnum 4D Past Result is a collection of Lucky Lottery, and invites media journalists to watch the two-color ball live and scratch the production process, so that the lottery people feel the welfare of the welfare, fair and open; System, large to equipment update, business cooperation units, small to leaflets, all included in the government open tender procurement; various types of public welfare activities, funding, funding and funding list, through the media to the public; lottery results, winning timely External disclosure.

Provincial Welfare Center uses Sabah & Sarawak 4D results

4D Result Malaysia Live launched a blessing to help students, blessing warm winter, condolences to public security and other Singapore Pools ToTo public welfare activities. To carry out “Fucai offer truth, love students” activities. When the province’s Welfare Lottery system invested 18 million yuan Chest, 4d Result Malaysia Tips to help poor college students, 5300 middle school students. Since 2002, Fucai student activities have been carried out for 14 consecutive sessions, a total of 147 million yuan of public welfare funds, the number of funding more than 4.68 million people. To carry out warm winter help activities. The end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015, the provincial welfare center invested 1 million yuan Chest, according to the standard of 1,000 yuan per household, the province’s 1000 poor families were rescued.