Fucai technical research center to join 4D Result

Fucai technical research center to join 4D Result

Recently, the sabah 88 4D Trusted Computing Industry Alliance Council through the research, in the Fucai Technology Research Center (referred to as “Technology Research Center”) officially joined the Zhongguancun Trusted Computing Industry Sport ToTo Malaysia, as its members. Zhongguancun Trusted Computing Industry Alliance was established on April 16, 2014, by the Chinese Academy of Engineering Shen Changxiang academician proposed, China Electronic Information Industry Group, China Information Security Research Institute, Beijing University of Technology, State Grid Intelligent Grid Research Institute and other 60 units initiated, By the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau approved, with the legal personality of the Sport ToTo Malaysia. China Electronic Information Industry Group Chief Engineer Cheng Chunping as chairman of the Union.


Singapore 4D Union Scientific Steering Committee

Composed of 16 academicians; the chairman of the committee by the Shen Changxiang academician, vice chairman for the Sport ToTo Malaysia, Chen Zuoning, Wu Manqing academician as. The alliance aims to build a highly efficient, complementary and virtuous circle of trusted computing industry chain, build a good ecological environment for the development and application of trusted computing technology, promote trusted computing technology, product development and industrial development, enhance China’s IT Product independent controllable, safe and reliable level. Industry and Information Technology Department Deputy Director Sport ToTo Malaysia has pointed out that the credibility of the calculation is an important technology to protect the security of the network, Zhongguancun Trusted Computing Industry Alliance is the establishment of China’s network security development, trusted computing industry development Past Singapore 4D Result. The core idea of trusted computing is through the introduction of trusted chips on the hardware, from the structure to solve the fragmentation of computer architecture to simplify the problem. Based on the password hardware chip, starting from the platform power to the implementation of the application.


4D Result Tips to build a complete chain of trust


Level 1 certification, a level of trust, not certified procedures can not be implemented, so that the information system to achieve their own immune, build a high security level Sport ToTo Malaysia. Credible computing trying to change the traditional “blocking killing” and other “passive response” mode of protection, the formation of “active defense” ability to achieve “not come, do not take, can not change, can not read, The safety effect. Up to now, Zhongguancun Trusted Computing Industry Alliance has been developed to more than 100 Sport ToTo Malaysia units, involving the domestic trusted computing industry chain of all links, covering the “production and research” all walks of life. Technology Research Center is the first 4D Result Malaysia Promotion with information security service qualification. Join the Zhongguancun Trusted Computing Industry Alliance to facilitate the cooperation of the research center to strengthen cooperation with the alliance members. In-depth understanding of trusted computing ideas, architecture, Calculate the active immune defense system for the construction of Fucai network security, and escort the development of Damacai 4D News.