4D Result Malaysia to open up publicity Welfare

4D Result Malaysia to open up publicity Welfare

Guangdong University of Finance and Guangdong Welfare Lottery Distribution Center jointly organized the “2016 Lottery Social Responsibility International Forum” held in Guangzhou. The purpose of this Sandakan 4D Forum is to share and exchange the research achievements in the field of social responsibility of lottery, to promote the close cooperation between industry and academia, and to build on the basis of security and public welfare as the core, to prevent Damacai 1 + 3D Malaysia irrational shopping as an important content Welfare lottery social responsibility system, jointly help the cause of China’s lottery continued healthy development. Deputy Director of China Welfare Work Center Tang Qiwei China Social Work Association Lottery Work Committee President Wang Baiquan Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department Deputy Director Luo Zhaoqun Guangdong University of Finance and Economics Party Secretary Huang Xiaobo this forum has been the competent departments, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas experts and scholars, lottery institutions, industry veteran People, lottery service providers and other strong support Sandakan 4D, more than 100 representatives participated in the forum, a number of domestic and foreign industry experts and scholars in the forum to share their latest research results.

Past Singapore 4D Result To increase sales

Expand the Lottery groups, and strive to open up new channels of publicity, brainstorming, we work together to find ways. Every day to get off work, walking on the road, often see the Singapore Pools Results taxi, take a taxi, in the face of a red light when parking, we will look at the car rental LED lights, then why can not have Sandakan 4D Fucai advertising What? This propaganda program came into being. There is no way to think, but also action, we contacted the management of the taxi department, asked the price of the top LED advertising and other related matters, in coordination with all aspects, the Welfare Center developed a promotional content. For the first time to run Sandakan 4D, mainly to promote the welfare of public welfare-based, such as “blessing to share, color with fun, love peer”, “love to create a miracle, dream of changing life – China welfare lottery”, ” Sincerity on the Chinese dream “,” Zhang Zhang Fu Choi Wan million, everyone is a philanthropist.

Promote Fuchu Magnum 4D Tips for public welfare

The phrase reflects the welfare of the Sandakan 4D public welfare, so that the ad can see 4D deposit bonus people can think of buying lottery is dedicated love. Combined with the recent Fucai learning activities, playing a short-term slogan, “Fucai help the cold door students, round your college dream, this advertising language to know the funeral activities during the play, this is the stage of advertising, short-term effect. 4D and play ads are long-term advertising. This publicity project is for long-term cooperation for the purpose of the advertising language will be updated stage, the taxi in the city to run a wide range, the current project has begun to run, receive CashSweep 4D News effect is very good , To achieve the expected publicity effect.