The most influential 4D Result Malaysia Live

The most influential 4D Result Malaysia Live

Organized by the China Welfare Sandakan 4D Distribution Management Center, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities welfare Damacai 4D Malaysia Distribution Center co-organized large-scale two-color ball theme marketing activities – “two-color ball dream everyone line” public activities since October 10 kicks off , In the country caused great repercussions. After a half-month national display selection, October 24, the first phase of the event “the most influential Sandakan 4D public welfare project” top 20 (a total of 21 public welfare projects, which, Heilongjiang Daqing City, the second welfare , Hebei “Fucai offer truth, love students” tied for the first 20) vote elected.

This selection brings together Singapore 4D ToTo Sport

Autonomous Region Civil Affairs Department and Past Malaysia 4D Result Center in the local use of Sandakan 4D Chest and the issuance of the impact of wide, publicity efforts of public projects, the country a total of 50 Fucai public welfare project enrollment. Since the beginning of the activities, the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions Magnum 4D Tips Center attaches great importance to pay close attention to the implementation of active use of the media, the site, WeChat public, video, audio and other promotional tools to promote the use of sites and other channels, Public vote. Citizen, Lottery participation enthusiasm unprecedented high, and actively participate in online, betting station organization of voting activities. According to statistics, the selection platform “the most influential Sandakan 4D public welfare project” vote more than one million.

Next Stage 4D Result Malaysia Promotion

The organizers will plan out 10 public service routes according to the top 20 “most influential Sandakan 4D public welfare projects” and will randomly select 100 volunteers from the first stage of the “Fu Cai public project” voters To form a “dream hundred people group”, respectively, through the 10 public tourism routes to carry out public travel, complete public service tasks, visit the CashSweep 4D News project, pass love, promote Fu Cai public culture. It is understood that the activities of the second phase of the “two-color ball dream everyone line” charity trip starting and “for love and the line” public health activities will be held in Chongqing, at present, the preparatory work is in full swing. There is love, there is a dream. There is a dream, everyone line. Color ball, bring you a dream, pass your love. Activities related to the report please visit the Chinese welfare Sandakan 4D distribution center official website of the top 20 most influential Fucai public welfare project.