4D Result Let the love light shine on the earth

4D Result Let the love light shine on the earth

Let the beauty of the dedication of the warmth of each recipient’s soul, and write a song of the heart of the heart of the ToTo 4D Malaysia love song. In the beautiful Ganjiang River, Poyang Lake, welfare lottery charity funded the construction of a block, a seat social welfare homes, homes for the elderly, glorious homes, children’s welfare homes, disabled rehabilitation center buildings have been completed, like a bright pearl scattered Jiangxi earth, illuminating the elderly, orphans, disabled people and other special difficulties group life, passing the province’s lottery people love, sent the blessing of the welfare lottery. In 2015, ToTo 4D Malaysia to raise the social welfare fund more than 10 billion yuan, these funds put into use, will once again vigorously promote the province of social welfare and social welfare development. Fucai public welfare line, broadcast love red land. This year, Jiangxi Fucai continued to organize the launch of the Singapore Pools Results series of activities, Sabah 4D again and again with the special difficulties of the group to hand in hand, for their timely help, with them a total of grams of difficulties, , To help them work hard, access to the community’s widely recognized, has been widely praised the masses.

ToTo 4D Malaysia is quietly doing something that thinks it’s done

Help people, or courageous, honest or trustworthy, or dedicated dedication, or filial piety love pro … … they are “little people”, but doing a great “big business.” This is an ordinary “Chinese good man”, through an ordinary “little things”, Damacai 1 + 3D Past Result, such as the Starfire Liaoyuan to promote the whole society up to the good, constitute the implementation of the socialist core values ​​of a solid foundation. At the end of April, the provincial welfare center jointly launched the “Fucai public welfare line approached the good side” large public welfare activities, welfare lottery from the public welfare fund in support of 12 million to support 40 life difficult ToTo 4D Malaysia around the good, lead the community All circles advocate around the good people, to fight around the good people, in order to achieve a great “Chinese dream” to make a positive contribution. 70 years ago, countless patriotic soldiers bloody battles, as death, played a fight against the Japanese fascist heroes triumph, and wrote a magnificent epic against foreign invaders. “Anti-war veterans” in the 4D Result Tips for the performance of the war is not afraid of sacrifice, to follow suit, heroic fighting spirit of patriotism, is always our example of learning, we will never forget history, love the example of peace, we will always be National revival and hard work model. To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, Jiangxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department and the Provincial Welfare Center organized the “Fucai Public Welfare Bank approached the war veterans” large-scale public welfare activities, in the province selected dozens of “war veterans” or Its survivors for the activities of the object, each public welfare condolences 5,000 yuan, offer the welfare lottery on the “war veterans” reverence and scr888 love affection. “Fucai public welfare line approached 10 million” is the province for four consecutive years for the special difficulties of the masses to send warm large public welfare activities, four years, the activities of a total of more than 200 people to support all types of public welfare brand activities one.

4D Promotion activities again to support 300,000 yuan

Full of the color of the lottery people love again set sail, will find 20 in the province with a heart of love, selfless heart, mercy of the heart of the “most beautiful old caregiver”; looking for 10 under 18 years of age, in adversity, or The body has a shortcoming, but can actively face Magnum 4D News, optimistic, self-reliance, and achieved excellent results “inspirational juvenile”; looking for 10 long-term care for others parents, on behalf of others filial piety and make outstanding contributions to the cause of aging ” The most beautiful filial piety “; looking for 10 in the city streets, tourist attractions, rural villages, rivers and lakes, martyrs cemetery, high-rise buildings and other places for cleaning, cleaning work” the most beautiful environment beautician “; looking for 20 long- In the event of trouble, courageous behavior, struggling in the face of difficulties is still active challenge difficult, suffering from disability is still self-reliance, inspirational, and the family income is low, encounter special difficulties in need of social help ToTo 4D Malaysia related individuals. “Fucai public welfare line to help round the orphan college dream”, “Fucai public welfare line approached college students”, “Fucai public welfare line approached the most beautiful care workers”, “Fucai public welfare line approached the moral hall”, ” Near XX “and other series of public welfare activities carried out, like the sun spilled Gan Po earth, like Oasis moisten the people’s mind, effectively promoted the social civilization and progress. In 2015, Jiangxi Welfare Lottery ToTo 4D Malaysia love, in the sun before the line; Jiangxi welfare lottery people, love in the sun before the line. In 2016, Jiangxi blessing career continues in the sun before the line, toward the red “sunshine blessing” to move on.