4D Result News Provincial Minister

4D Result News Provincial Minister

Senior Vice Expert of Shanxi Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Li Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Agricultural Bank of China Shanxi Branch, Vice President Yu Xiude, Vice President of China Postal Savings Bank, Feng Liping, Shanxi Province attended the signing ceremony. Three co-banking institutions business unit, the head of the host, the provincial welfare center director Li Xin, deputy director Chen Wenqing, ministries 4D rebate bonus responsible person, and the provincial capital part of the news media reporters attended the agreement signing ceremony. Xue Weitong, director of the ceremony in the signing that Fucai money pooling security is the key to the safety and health of the development of the key.

With the implementation of Damacai 1 + 3D Tips “Internet +”

strategy and the expansion of Fucai sales, Fucai capital pooling, sales channel construction and other aspects of cooperation with the bank more closely, more inseparable from the bank’s strong support. Three banks through their own network of Sport ToTo Result Result network and the advantages of capital settlement, and welfare lottery for deep-level, diversified cooperation for the province’s Fucai sales site to provide safe and convenient, professional and efficient service, Fucai development into a strong vitality. Hope that through the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, 4D Result Malaysia to seize the development opportunities, focus on the overall situation, complementary advantages, Singapore Pools 4D not only to improve together in business, but also in mutual learning and common progress, the strategic cooperation of the Commitment and measures to implement good, complete well, to achieve good, in the development of a win-win situation in the development of shared results. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shanxi Branch, Agricultural Bank of Shanxi branch, postal savings Shanxi branch leaders in the ceremony published a warm speech, expressed the bank enterprises to play their own advantages, to serve the province’s socio-economic development, social responsibility, and strive for the healthy development of Fu Cai , To provide more efficient and efficient services.

In recent years, CashSweep 4D Result in the team building, channel development

play promotions and other aspects to increase efforts, Fucai cause has made considerable progress. As of December 25, 2016 Magnum 4D Malaysia total sales of various types of welfare lottery 4.276 billion yuan, an increase of 115 million yuan, an increase of 2.77%, 1.2 billion yuan to raise the welfare fund for the province welfare lottery “thirteen” The development of a good start, a good step to lay a solid foundation for the development and construction of a harmonious society has made outstanding contributions.