Batu Caves Colourful New Look

The iconic Batu Caves has a brand new look!! Gorgeously transformed

More than 100 volunteers participated and took up to 2 and a half days to paint the stairs in a myriad colour.

It is so pretty that it totally transform the whole view no matter which angle you look at.
The newly painted staircase is absolutely gorgeous and has attracted many from different places to irresistibly pay a visit to this tourist hotspot.


New vibrant look
It is greatly increase the number of tourist and the visitor that would go up the 272 staircase which leading to the entrance of the Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple that is commonly known in white and red colours that are associated with most of the Hindu temples.
Admire nature and enjoy the cooling breeze!
Visitors can either pay a visit to the dark cave for an adventure or educational tour
However, visitors of the renowned temple received a pleasant surprise that could only be described as a feast for the eyes right after the sombre stairs case were transformed into an Instagram, Facebook worthy background with a myriad of colours seemingly overnight.

Talk of the town

The stunning paint job done in a gradient pattern and became the talk of the town after a photos of it was posted online by Sri Maha Mariamman Temple Devasthanam board member, Seenivasan Rajoo.

Sethupathy said in preparation of the Kumbhabhishekham in Batu Caves, major renovations amounting up to RM5.5 million took place from as early as this year.

“We derived the money from donations and contributions from the temple.
“Renovations include the building of three layers of Gopuras at the entrance and also at the temple above.
“There was no cost involved when it comes to the painting of the staircase. For the stairs, we had some leftover paint from the painting jobs of the temples. So, we painted the stairs with the leftover paint,” he said.

Share the news to all your friends and family now and head over Batu Caves this weekend to get a new colourful Facebook/Instagram shots