Magnum 4D today launched three new scratch music

Magnum 4D today launched three new scratch music

At the end of the year is still a big stall, music scraping satisfying color fans! a total prize money of up to NT 1.983 billion yuan, a calendar year in December a single release Sabah total bonus record is to take advantage of the end of the year feedback Magnum 4D, scraping the award to discuss auspicious! “Sabah & Sarawak 4D” each priced at 500 yuan, is the first par value of $ 500 puzzle extended play Sabah 4D Result, a total of four first prize of 500 million, winning 40%, total prize money 856 million. “Malaysia 4D” price of 200 yuan each, a total of six first prize of 200 million, winning the opportunity of 10 times, the total prize money of 773 million yuan. Each price of 100 yuan, “King Geely” simultaneous listing, the first prize of 300,000 yuan, the winning rate of 33%, the total prize money of 353 million yuan, color fans have to grasp the end of a good time to scratch the happy prize.

The first “Sabah & Sarawak 4D” with a denomination of $ 500

Malaysia 4D News was introduced at the end of the year. It is the most popular type of puzzle-extended puzzle favorite, with 40% winning rate. . “Sabah & Sarawak 4D” each priced at 500 yuan, the first prize of up to 500 million a total of four, a total of 16 games, if any number of all the Bureau in the “Magnum 4D” area, that the Council game bonus, Let you slowly scraping, slowly, and fully enjoy the side scraping side of the prize of the surprise and fun! The face of the design 4D to sparkling diamonds as the theme, not only shine and moving, but also add wealth and extravagance, like puzzle lengthening play friends must seize the opportunity to experience this new launch, high first prize, high rate of the game .

On the same day, “Malaysia 4D

priced at 200 yuan, up to 10 winning opportunities, the maximum prize money of 2 million yuan, there are more than 230,000 1,000 yuan (inclusive) above the award, the ticket to full load of gold train design , A total of four Magnum 4D, including “lucky numbers” and “a scratch that is” a variety of fans familiar with the play. Each of the $ 100 “Gold Geely”, the first prize of 300,000 yuan, to provide more than 160,000 500 yuan (inclusive) or more awards, the face of auspicious symbol 4D Tips of good luck and the “Magnum 4D” theme, simple and fun to play Bought easily scraping, try your luck, auspicious and auspicious!