Sichuan held a lottery 4D Result Malaysia Live

Sichuan held a lottery 4D Result Malaysia Live

Sichuan Province lottery sales check4d agency 2017 budget work training will be held in the provincial welfare center on the third floor conference room. Provincial Finance Department Deputy Director Yang Cheng attended the training and speech, the Provincial Department of Finance Budget Office, the editorial center, the Treasury Department, Damacai 4D Result Malaysia procurement staff related to the budget to do the work. The training will be chaired by the Provincial Department of Finance. Yang Cheng, deputy director of the speech, pointed out the purpose and significance of this training. Yang said the director, in the lottery issuance fee into the government fund management, check4d will involve a series of changes, through the relevant office of the Treasury to explain, will help us understand the budget policy.

Sandakan 4D strengthens government financial management

The use of the platform. The provincial finance department budget office Zhao Shuzi comrades from the mid-term financial planning overview, the provincial department 2017 – 2019 expenditure planning in two aspects to explain the Singapore Pools 4D 2017 development and development of the record; The basic requirements, specific caliber, the scope of daily public funds budget preparation, the scale of the approved, the basic expenditure budget preparation process to explain; Treasury Department Wang Liping comrades around the treasury to focus on business processes, funds with the program management, Payment check refund and refund processing, financial expenditure reconciliation five aspects to explain the 4D Singapore Past Result lottery sales agency funds to pay related matters; check4d Treasury Department Zhang Binxia comrades on the department final accounts compilation system, department accounts calculation instructions, department accounts report requirements , Departmental accounts approved by the public, the department accounts analysis and analysis of the use of five aspects of the lottery sales department to explain the preparation requirements.

Government Procurement 4d Tips basic concept

Centralized procurement catalog and procurement quota standards, government procurement budget preparation, check4d government procurement implementation plan for four aspects to explain the lottery 4D deposit bonus sales agency government procurement related matters; Long plans company teacher made the government financial management information system platform operating system Use training. Sichuan Province Fucai Center Director Jiang Tao made a concluding statement, the new financial system changes from the concept, from the operating procedures have new requirements, it must do a good job training; the training from the budget, the editor to the procurement, very Comprehensive and necessary. Comrade Jiang Tao also expressed the 4dresult News thanks to the relevant office of the Finance Department for the special training for the check4d lottery organization. Sichuan Province Lottery Center Wu Guodong, deputy director and relevant departments responsible comrades, Fucai Center in Sichuan Province, more than the middle of the staff, the city sub-center director and accounting staff attended the training.