Guangdong Province Fucai 4D Result Malaysia sales

Guangdong Province Fucai 4D Result Malaysia sales

Photo: Zhaoqing City check4d Fucai Center Chen Qiang, deputy director of the training to mobilize the speech In line with the Guangdong Provincial Welfare Lottery Distribution Center organized by the province’s Fucai sales staff marketing training, Damacai 4D Result Malaysia so that marketing activities can be better carried out, and further To improve the professional functions and sales skills of Fucai sales staff, the morning of August 12, the province of Fucai sales staff marketing training (the first station in western Guangdong Area) in Zhaoqing Lakeside Hotel Conference Hall opened, Zhaoqing welfare check4d lottery distribution center Chen Qiang Deputy director attended and presided over the meeting, Zhaoqing Fucai center staff, county (city, district) administrator, the city’s betting station sales staff nearly three hundred people participated in the training.

CashSweep 4D Result training content is independent innovation

Betting station development development check4d core power, and for the “happy very 30 million yuan to buy color experience Singapore Pools ToTo Kim Duo delivery” promotional activities for training. Training and lectures in the beach teachers to share his years of research and marketing experience and the combination of theory and the case, put the betting station in the operation of several key issues: First, the development of new check4d lottery team; two Is to improve the site winning rate marketing; Third, Damacai 4D Past Result Fucai practitioners familiar with the welfare lottery game business knowledge; four is the development of Lottery outdoor advertising. Participants earnestly study and actively interact with the teacher.

Especially in the teacher question 4dresult Tips

Welfare lottery games a variety of business knowledge of the link, the presence of staff to participate in a warm atmosphere, have raised their hands to answer questions to correct the correct 4D Result Malaysia Promotion staff can be obtained by Zhaoqing City check4d Fucai Center to provide “scratch music” that billing – lucky ten Times 5, the audience will sound thunderous applause, suddenly put the atmosphere of the lecture pushed to Sabah 4D News climax. After the meeting, the participants have expressed a lot of benefits, we all think that this training allows them to learn more about the specific content of the two marketing activities, but also to their marketing level and check4d sales skills have been further The improvement.