Xuanwu 4D Result Welfare Center in Nanjing

Xuanwu 4D Result Welfare Center in Nanjing

Magnum 4D News Siyuan vocational training school held a Fucai color ball betting skills and site marketing training. Training will be invited to the senior lottery trainer Jiang Jie teacher to the Singapore Pools ToTo the site sales staff lectures. The training will be Jiang Jie teacher mainly about the four elements: First, the importance of site construction; Second, the characteristics of the two-color ball publicity; Third, marketing psychology and play together; Fourth, the two-color ball marketing skills in the practical application.

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Jiang Jie teacher’s vivid explanation caused a wide range of sales staff resonance, sales staff generally reflect a lot of lottery marketing knowledge, hope that such training will be able to continue to run. Jinzhong Magnum 4D Past Result Fucai Center launched the “winter to send warm” drinks to work. Director of Shanxi Province Charity Federation Zhang Wenzhong, general manager of the province Dingfu Trading Co., Ltd. Fu Shaohua, director of the provincial welfare lottery distribution center Li Xin, director of the computer ticket management Chen Ting rushed to the scene, personally Jin Central City sanitation workers on behalf of the winter blessing. Since the “winter to send warmth” activities, Shanxi Province, the city center leadership for this work attaches great importance to careful organization, held a special meeting arrangements, the implementation of the implementation of the program to ensure that all the love drinks to the hands of the masses. Magnum 4D Tips Jinzhong City in the activities before the release, made a special trip to the Jinzhong City sanitation brigade, from the city center quota specifically allocated 500 boxes of drinks for the financing of sanitation workers. In Jinzhong City Center Treasury, the Provincial Charity Federation, Ding Fu Trading Company, the provincial welfare center tripartite joint inspection of the number of materials, quality, storage and distribution.

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4D + xxx bonus Li Xin, director stressed: care for the elderly, to help vulnerable groups, is always a blessing for the benefits of social responsibility, it is the purpose of Fucai distribution. Shanxi Province Fu Cai will, as always, fulfill social responsibility, always concerned about vulnerable groups, with practical action to benefit the people’s livelihood, for the development of social welfare undertakings to make greater contributions. At the event of the event, the representatives of the sanitation workers will be grateful to the welfare center and thank the Charity Federation and Ding Fu Trading Co., Ltd. for their love and support. They will certainly live happily and live a healthy life and live up to the whole society.