Guizhou Fucai school do paired to build 4D Result

Guizhou Fucai school do paired to build 4D Result

Welfare Center in Guizhou Province branch to carry out Magnum 4D Malaysia “I send purple horse Constitution” theme of practical activities to ensure that the “two learn to do a” study and education to achieve tangible results, party members and cadres to further strengthen the sense of 4D Result Malaysia Promotion purpose, in close contact with the masses, to promote the “two (June 28), Guizhou Province Fucai Center Party branch in Qinglong County, purple horse village purple horse village carried out “I was the first to do the work of the party, “Magum 4D Malaysia theme practice activities. Provincial Fucai Center Party branch and Qinglong County purple horse village Zima village Party branch Damacai 4D News part of the party members, the development of the object, nearly 20 people participated in the activities of the party.

Guizhou Province Fucai Center to help Sandakan 4D out of poverty

Party branch to carry out “I sent for the purple horse village party” theme activities The Singapore Pools ToTo activities, Guizhou Province Fucai Center Party branch for the Magnum 4D Malaysia Zima village party branch to buy the “Communist Party of China Constitution of the Communist Party of China Disciplinary Regulations China Production of honesty and self-discipline “,” two learn a “learning education notebook, presented to the party branch of the formal party members, prepare party members, join the party activists a total of 67 people to help them better Damacai 1 + 3D Past Result Study party rules and regulations, to carry out “two school one to do” learning and education. At the same time, the provincial welfare center party branch also produced a “two school one to do” publicity hanging plate 10, in the Magnum 4D Malaysia village committee, party members room suspension, to help the village do a “two learn one” to learn education Publicity. For the purple horse village party branch production “two school one to do” propaganda hanging plate in accordance with the “Provincial Civil Affairs Department Party group on the whole party members 4D Results Tips to carry out” party discipline, discipline series, to do qualified party members “learning education implementation program “And the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs on the implementation of the organs of party organizations and party members and cadres to help push the poor” five thousand action “implementation of the program” arrangements and requirements, the provincial Welfare Center Party branch and Qinglong County purple horse village Zima village Party branch Help pairing.

Purple village of Magnum 4D Malaysia basic village situation

In the activities of Magnum 4D Malaysia, the provincial Party branch of the provincial blessing scr888 center listened to the basic village situation, economic development, farmer’s income, party organization construction and problems, difficulties and so on. Members of the gang on how to help build Magnum 4D Malaysia, boosted the poor tackling the stc 4d talks, and signed a “party to help build a joint agreement,” to help solve the time, build goals, help To build the content and the rights and obligations of both sides, in order to give full play to the party organizations and party members and cadres in the fight to fight out the fighting in the fight check 4d fighting fortress and pioneer exemplary role laid the foundation. (Guizhou Fucai)