Improve the level of 4D Result Malaysia business

Improve the level of 4D Result Malaysia business

Focus on 4D Result Malaysia Live creating a professional, efficient, service-oriented development as the main direction of the blessing team. November 6 to 18, 2006, Singapore Pools ToTo Guiyang Welfare Lottery Distribution Center For the sales staff of Fucai sales place (including “Zhongfu Online” sales staff) to carry out annual business training, a total of more than 400 participants.

Damacai 4D Result Malaysia Sales place training session

Damacai 4D Tips Guiyang City Fucai sales of the specific circumstances, the training invited Hubei Yichang well-known trainers on the lottery laws and regulations, lottery marketing skills, selection skills and Guiyang “wisdom Fucai” system 4 system to explain. Lecturers with the participants to carry out real and practical interaction, in-depth discussion of the current Fucai sales of the development of the status quo, all kinds of emergencies to prevent and emergency treatment, for the participants to answer questions and doubts while fully mobilized Attractive training of participants. Damacai 4D Past Result In order to protect the city’s “Zhongfu Online” sales office “safe operation and healthy development”, this training Guiyang City Fucai Center invited industry experts around the blessing online sales office daily management, Service and etiquette, marketing and public relations and other aspects of crisis training. At the same time, lecturers through a detailed case, vivid language outlined the real business case of crisis and to resolve the skills, combined with the specialities of the work and the actual work to explain to the students service etiquette standards and daily behavior norms, all-round, multi-angle The importance of the service industry practitioners etiquette. Next, Guiyang City 4D Center will further standardize the daily training mechanism, strengthen the “precision training” target, focus on creating a business proficient, good quality, dare to play, the courage to work hard luck team.

The training content by Sabah 4D carefully selected

4D Result Malaysia Promotion has a strong, strong practicality, strong interaction between the characteristics of several, by the participants generally accepted and have said: very cherish this training, lecturers humorous language form, subtle influence between various types of cases , The case will be kept in mind, through learning, 4D Result Malaysia can be targeted to find their own business level and ability to work on the shortcomings, Damacai 4D News learning to enhance service awareness, improve service efficiency, improve service capabilities, in the future work For the Lottery to provide quality services.