4D Result Malaysia Welfare Lottery Center

4D Result Malaysia Welfare Lottery Center

In the Singapore Pools Results Provincial Social Welfare and Charity Promotion Division, accompanied by Zhang Zuo-sen, the Director of the Civil Affairs Department, came to the provincial welfare center to study the welfare lottery. The Director and his entourage visited the 4D Fucai Center Data Room and Zhongfu International Trade and Marketing Office, and visited the staff of the department to learn more about the work and daily management of the staff. The 4D Result Malaysia Promotion was discussed with the middle and above cadres communicate with.

Supervisors talk about Magnum 4D Result Malaysia

Provincial Welfare Lottery Center Director Li Wei this year since the welfare of the province to carry out the work of the situation, made the main achievements and the construction of sunshine Fu Cai’s main work report, the promise satellite director of the province’s welfare lottery work to obtain the results fully affirmed , And to convey the following requirements for future work: First, to keep the work of the provincial government, Mr. Hao Peng, Zhang Guangrong, Deputy Governor and Vice Governor Kuang Chung on the use and management of welfare lottery. Magnum 4D Past Result put safe operation in the first place. In the current welfare lottery sales high operating period, security is the top priority of welfare lottery, we have to ensure the steady growth of lottery sales, but also to ensure the safe operation of sales management work; the second is to continue to strengthen the standardized management. According to the inspection group feedback, serious rectification, grasping the fine, combined with the actual to further improve the center of the management system, Magnum 4D Tips based on the system management personnel, to use the system to check the work; three is a firm confidence and confidence. To be reasonable, compliance, bold work, to innovation and development, and actively expand the sales channels, innovative ways of propaganda, with innovative ideas and methods to promote the success of the cause of Fucai healthy development; four is to practice hard work, continue to build sunshine blessing. Sunshine Fucai is an important part of the sunshine civil affairs, Fucai work to hold high the old, disabled, save the solitary, the cause of the disaster, with the rich color culture to lead the charity heart, to adhere to the sun transparent, 4D Result Malaysia Live to strengthen public welfare, charity, health , Happy, innovative Fucai culture propaganda, the Fucai culture into the entire civil culture to go.

Sabah 4D Welfare Lottery Development

4D Result Social Welfare and Charity Promotion Office As a business guidance department, we will further strengthen and do our work on Fucai. Visiting the Center Data Room, Magnum 4D News Understand the operation of the system Finally, the director of the satellite satellite for the Fucai Center in the internal management and promote the development of our province Fu Cai ideas and measures proposed advice to give the scene to answer. And said the party group has always attached importance to the development of Fucai cause to support the work of Fucai Center, the future will continue to give attention and support.