Zhejiang 4D Result Welfare Credit Report released

Zhejiang 4D Result Welfare Credit Report released

July 6, Zhejiang Province scr888 Civil Affairs Department in the West Lake District Social Welfare Center held a “2015 Zhejiang welfare check4d lottery social responsibility report” conference. The report details the contents of public concern such as Zhejiang Fucai sales, public welfare fund raising, public welfare fund use, and prize awards. Provincial People’s Political Consultative Office Deputy Secretary of the party group, deputy director, inspector Yu Zhizhuang to attend the conference Sport ToTo Malaysia Fucai line wind supervisor, news media reporter, lottery sales representative expressed gratitude. He pointed out that in 2015 as the “second five” ending year, Zhejiang Fucai both in sales or stc 4d use of the Community have made gratifying results. This year, Zhejiang Fucai always uphold the “help old, disabled, save the solitary, the storm” issue purposes, and vigorously promote the “sunshine Fucai”, “responsibility Fucai” construction, Fucai social image and credibility has been further improved. He asked the civil affairs and welfare departments at all levels to more consciously fulfill their social responsibility, the concept of social responsibility throughout the Fu Cai issued, sales, capital use and other links.

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Supervise Fucai, trust Fucai, support Singapore Pools ToTo Fucai. Provincial Welfare Center Party Secretary, Director Chen Ping introduced the 2015 Zhejiang Fucai to fulfill the social responsibility of the main situation. It is understood that this is the Zhejiang Provincial Civil Affairs System released the third Fucai social responsibility report. Compared with 2014, the social responsibility report for 2015 is more substantial, more comprehensive and targeted to further strengthen. “Report” also detailed disclosure of the provincial public welfare fund projects and Fucai strengthen management, the implementation of safe operation measures and Fucai culture and other aspects of the situation, answered the Lottery and the public a series of concerns. The report revealed that welfare lottery in the social welfare undertakings in the role of further enhance. In 2015, Zhejiang Fucai total sales reached 14.687 billion yuan, a record in Zhejiang Province, the welfare of Damacai 4D Past Result lottery issued 28 years to the best results, for the first time leapt to the national (city, district) second. For the country to raise the public welfare fund of 4.07 billion yuan, which turned over to the central government 2.606 billion yuan, the provincial retention of public welfare funds 721 million yuan (including discarded public welfare fund 0.58 billion), city, county (city, district) retained public welfare fund 1.343 billion yuan. The welfare fund of the whole province subsidizes all kinds of social welfare and public welfare projects, with a total subsidy of 1.989 billion yuan. The projects include social welfare institutions, social welfare centers, old-age apartments, old-age care centers, nursing homes, elderly TVU, child welfare Institutions, martyrs commemorative facilities, community service facilities, shelters for disaster relief, relief reserve warehouses, relief units, funeral undertakings, disabled people 4d Result Malaysia Tips Facilities Equipment construction, medical and life assistance, pension service subsidy, “disability Orphans surgery rehabilitation tomorrow plan “, poor children with disabilities rehabilitation, social organizations, public welfare projects,” Fu Cai help me “and other projects.

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More effectively promote the social community Sandakan 4D News welfare system, social assistance system, social pension service system, community service system and disaster prevention and mitigation capacity building, people’s livelihood and security undertakings have been further developed. Zhejiang Province in 2015 welfare lottery prize money 8.78 billion yuan, the reward rate reached 59.7%. The report discloses the time of the award, the site, the game variety, the winning ticket purchase method, the amount of winning, etc., according to the “lottery management regulations” provides that the recipient can not publish personal information. It is noteworthy that the annual 58 million yuan prize money no one to receive the abandoned award, in accordance with the “lottery management regulations” provides that all the bonus prize money into the lottery, for the national social welfare undertakings. In order to let more people understand the welfare lottery social responsibility report, the provincial welfare center will be “2015 Zhejiang welfare lottery social responsibility report” issued to the province more than 7,000 sales sites, and released to Zhejiang Fucai official website (www.zjflcp.com ) And Zhejiang Fucai official WeChat for download reading.