Thaipusam cheers for 2 KLites, 4D Result had two Jackpot winners in a day!

Thaipusam cheers for 2 KLites, 4D Result had two Jackpot winners in a day!

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Thaipusam cheers for 2 KLites, 4D Result had two Jackpot winners in a day!

Thaipusam cheers for 2 KLites, 4D Result had two Jackpot winners in a day!

4D Result “RM15.3 million and I’m the only winner. Unbelievable!”, exclaimed the ecstatic lucky winner from Kuala Lumpur who had just won the Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot.

Looking rather tired due to interrupted sleep, the winner beamed with delight when he was told that he is the sole winner of the Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot. The retired banker had held onto his winning ticket with anxiety over the Federal Territory Day and Thaipusam extended holiday, before finally get to collect his winnings at Da Ma Cai’s Head Office.

The loyal 4D Result customer of 20 years told that he had bought his favourite car number and paired it with a number he had analysed a few days before the draw. He told th  4D Result Da Ma Cai spokesperson that he had a strong feeling that his combination numbers of 9325 and 8813 may strike it big this time. The winner said, “So, I decided to combine my usual favourite car number and a unique number I derived, and I played that for a few weeks on 1+3D Jackpot.”

The winner planned to settled all his housing loans and credit card debts before deciding on what to do next with his fortune.

On the same day, another KLite also took home the 4D Result DMC Jackpot 2 amounting to more than RM713,000. The lucky DMC Jackpot winner mentioned that he was truly blessed to win and the timing is more than perfect to celebrate Thaipusam. He added happily to the 4D Result spokesperson, “I started playing the game just 2 weeks ago when you launched this new DMC Jackpot. Your sales operator told me that the company had opened up more chances to win.”

The 4D Result spokesperson said, “The DMC Jackpot prize of over RM11.2 million is awaiting a lucky winner, and the amount is still growing by the day! We have also launched a new 3D Jackpot 2 weeks ago. The game offers customer to buy up to 216 combinations with only RM2, and the Jackpot starts at a minimum of RM600,000.”

4D Result is a brand of PMP, Malaysia’s authorised numbers forecast operator. On an annual basis, 4D Result Da Ma Cai actively supports various causes in the areas of education, social welfare and public well-being. Following the acquisition of PMP by Jana Pendidikan Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“JPM”), all of PMP’s net dividends that JPM receives will be donated to The Community Chest. With this structure, 4D Result Da Ma Cai has effectively been transformed from a for-profit organization into a social business, providing long term donations to The Community Chest for the benefit of the Malaysian community.

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