4D Result Malaysia secret about 4D Winners in 2016

4D Result Malaysia secret about 4D Winners in 2016

The 4D Result is a compilation of statistics on the high-volume winners for the whole year, and the “2016 4D High Award Winners” was released today. Will be described by the general manager of this years high-winning people to buy lottery tickets in the lucky “4D Tips“, and high winning peoples buying habits and related statistical data, so that consumers in the end of the year-end, the lucky ones by the God of Wealth Blessing mode, next year have the opportunity to be able to run, become the next lucky winner.

4D Result Malaysia analysis the Features of  2016 Winners

According to Magnum 4D Malaysia for lottery winning more than 5 million yuan in the high number of winners of the statistics, the 2016 high number of winners are still the majority of men, face by the (2015) oval face into a round face, Eyebrow, eyes from last years small eyes into large eyes and garlic nose. Damacai 1+3D Result Malaysia this year, the most partial luck of the constellation to Libra (10%) and Cancer (10%) tied for the first zodiac is a horse (11%), rat (10%) times.

From the high frequency of winning the purchase of people and the average amount of each purchase to analyze this years high-level winner to buy the frequency of each purchase-oriented (51%), the second highest frequency of purchase from last month to buy 2 to 3 (15%) for the week to buy 2 to 3 times (21%), high winning people in the economic downturn, the amount of money into the lottery and the desire to buy more and more.

4D Result Malaysia Make 2016 conclusions for you

In the face of the year-end lottery sales season, Sabah 88 4D calls on the public to take advantage of lottery tickets and should not be affected by excessive bets. To receive bonuses for people under the age of 18 to jointly safeguard the public good image of the lottery. If you want to know the details of the game, the public can go to the official website of 4D lottery company (https://4dresult2u.com/login) to check the contents of the announcement.

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