The 4D Result is the window of welfare lottery

The 4D Result is the “window” of the welfare lottery

And the safety of the betting station is of great importance. In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the Council’s security management meeting, on January 4, accompanied by members of the Texas Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Chen Chaoyin, deputy director of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, accompanied by comrades such as Jia Xueyong, director of the city’s welfare center, Singapore 4D went to the new city garden east gate sales office Qu Road Nanlong International Sales Office, part of the blessing betting station for security checks, escort for the site security.

Damacai 4D Result Malaysia We are committed to eliminating

All kinds of security risks due to the serious situation of accidents at the end of safety production and the serious situation of fire safety work. We are committed to the principle of “Magnum 4D News” , To further strengthen the sales staff fire, anti-theft awareness, and effectively do the alarm bell, often unremitting. On the same day, Dezhou City Civil Affairs Bureau of the party members, deputy director of Chen Zhaoyin in the city Fucai Center Director Jia Xueyong and other comrades, accompanied by 4D Result deep into the site to view the site. First check the aging of the electrical equipment, indoor power supply, sockets, plug panels, wires and other electrical equipment, whether there are line confusion, old, leakage, etc.; Second, check the fire and heating facilities are safe, Magnum 4D Past scenes , Windows, locks are loose and aging; and the field to see whether the dot storage of flammable and explosive and other dangerous goods, the environment is kept bright, clean and so on.

After sabah 88 4D field investigation, effectively prevent the security risks for the city

welfare lottery security, stable operation provides a strong guarantee. Through this security check, to further eliminate the DeFang betting terminal terminal security risks, improve the front-line sales staff on the blessing of the work of the degree of recognition and support, unanimously that “no small security, the alarm to be long,” 4D Result will be dedicated 4D issue bonus timely insurance, make the greatest efforts to ensure their own lives and property safety, for the German Fucai sales work to create a good job, to improve the safety of emergency work, to further improve the security contingency plan, 4D Result Tips to timely report, 4D deposit bonus surroundings.