4D Result Malaysia Live Care Family

4D Result Malaysia Live Care Family

Sabah 88 4D Center and the Provincial Public Security Department Political Department jointly organized the Singapore 4D activities, in accordance with the standard of 10,000 yuan per household, 180 for the public sacrifice of the British martyrs were rescued. In addition, the city and county Fucai Center also hosted a variety of public welfare activities, such as Qinhuangdao City 4d Results Malaysia Tips to carry out the activities of children with leukemia, Cangzhou Fucai Center for poor children but “micro wish” activities, Sanhe Fucai Center Poor students for secondary relief and so on.

Square inch lottery heritage ToTo 4D Malaysia culture

4D Result Welfare Lottery carries the concept of “public welfare, charity, health, happiness, innovation”, “many people buy less, buy in music, play light Bo, rational betting” color concept, “public welfare first, Integrity-based, service-oriented, culture-led “value concept. 4D Malaysia Singapore Result consciously took on the historical task of inheriting national culture. Organizations to carry out various forms of cultural propaganda activities. Such as “I and Fucai culture construction” essay, to sabah 88 4D as the theme of the Spring Festival collection, the top ten filial selection. Through the all-round publicity, so that the whole society to better understand the welfare of public welfare properties; held lottery collection exchange, lottery collection lovers in the 4D rebate bonus the purpose of exchange collections, dissemination of blessing knowledge; positive up, show style. The organization carried out the province of Fucai system skills contest, through the contest to show the province’s welfare and cadres and the spirit of the staff to enhance the welfare of the social image of the lottery; design and development of Hebei local characteristics that open lottery.

Provincial Welfare Center has launched Sandakan 4D

Reflect the Hebei folk culture lottery, so that more people through the lottery 4D more in-depth understanding of Hebei has a long history, broad and profound history and culture. Fukuyama in the folk articles: Sandakan 4D News, harvest hope With the Fucai circulation increased year by year, more and more people in Hebei through the sabah 88 4D dedication at the same time round the dream, in addition to the increase in Fucai also led The printing, advertising, logistics and other related industries to grow rapidly.