Workers look forward Singapore ToTo 4D soon!

Workers look forward Singapore ToTo 4D soon!

Sabah 88 4D today launched 4D Tips Malaysia “sabah 88 4D” and “Connection Party” for Singapore ToTo 4D, and specially designed “Malaysia 4D Result” to integrate the lottery into the Singapore ToTo 4D party, Have fun, but also to stimulate the public and also do!

4D Tips Malaysia “sabah 88 4D” each priced at 100 yuan

The winning rate of up to 50%, there are 100 first prize of 10,000 yuan, is Malaysia 4D Result since the release of the first prize of the largest number of 4D Tips Malaysia, very Suitable for Singapore ToTo 4D, spring wine, wedding and sabah 88 4D activities of the warm-up games. On the same day, the new 4D Tips Malaysia 4D Tips Malaysia “Connection Party”, priced at 200 yuan, can replace Singapore ToTo 4D activities in the common bingo card, so that consumers not only have the opportunity to Singapore ToTo 4D activities Won the scene awards, as well as the opportunity to scratch the highest prize money 200 million scraping.

Singapore ToTo 4D Mandatory 4D Malaysia “sabah 88 4D

The highest since the release of Malaysia 4D Result 100 yuan 4D Tips Malaysia The highest number of top prizes, winning the highest record,” table “is different from other high first prize amount A small number of bonus structure, the main appeal is to allow consumers to have more opportunities 4D News Malaysia in the first prize of 10,000 yuan. The “sabah 88 4D” is designed with a whole table of delicious dishes as a scratch area, conveying a strong sense of Taiwan’s traditional sabah 88 4D atmosphere.