ToTo 4D Malaysia, together with the Miaoli County

ToTo 4D Malaysia, together with the Miaoli County

Government and the China Trust and Welfare Foundation, jointly organized the “Powerful Jackpot Award Winners’ Donation Press Conference”, with the exception of Miaoli County Magistrate Xu Yaochang, representing 5 social welfare units and To accept the love of the winners, Sandakan 4D Chairman Fan Quanxiang, deputy director of the Huashan Social Welfare Charities Foundation, Ms. Wu Wanlan, and director of the China Trust and Charity Foundation Li Wanru, attended the press conference to witness ToTo 4D Malaysia. Winners of the love of justice.

4D Malaysia Singapore Result said it was a great

4D honor for the lucky winner to donate a portion of the money to the charity of Miaoli County, and he was particularly grateful to the winner of the nomination for Miaoli County Government ToTo 4D Malaysia,Parents ‘Parents’ Parents ‘Parenting Allowance Parenting Seminar “and” Miaoli County Junior High School Students’ Scholarship “.

Singapore Pools ToTo, through the careful planning and implementation

Df the county government team, will maximize the benefits of donations, and encourage the citizens to play the 4D Malaysia own power to care about the disadvantaged groups, with each person’s small force accumulated into Great energy, to bring more care and warmth of vulnerable groups.