4D Result Center Holds Party Construction Work

4D Result Center Holds Party Construction Work

The meeting was chaired by Singapore 4D ToTo Sport, director of the center, all the cadres and workers to participate in 4D Malaysia Singapore Result. Party branch secretary Li Xin comrades around the center of the party building five aspects of the job: In 2016, under the correct leadership of the party group, the central party branch to Xi Jinping general secretary series of important speech as a guide to the construction of security welfare, And the grassroots level, laying the foundation, focusing on the point, seeking a breakthrough, effectively strengthening the center 4D Result Malaysia Live work, made the party building Work has improved, comprehensive work has improved, Fucai cause safe and healthy development of gratifying results.

Party branch in accordance with Damacai 1 + 3D Malaysia requirements

To the “three sessions of a lesson” as the carrier, held 15 times the Council; around the party branch general election, “two school a” learning and education mobilization deployment, “party branch work method”, “party management approach” Branch members by-election and other content held 4 times Damacai 1 + 3D Tips; organization party members special education 4 times, organize life will be 1, to carry out the theme party day activities 1 times. Second, strengthen the theoretical study, a solid “two school one to do” learning and education. The central party branch in accordance with the provincial party committee and party committee arrangements, held a timely “two school one to do” learning and education mobilization, earnestly learned to learn the subject of Xue Weidong mobilization report, developed a “study” two learning “learning education program “And arrange the deployment. In order to focus on the form of learning, the organization of party members, Damacai 1 + 3D News, Xi Jinping general secretary series of speech spirit 12 times, in accordance with the requirements of the completion of the “political, convincing”, “rules, discipline” Moral, there are virtues, “” dedication, as a “four thematic seminars, all members of the party to write 36 experience to show exchange. Second, strengthen the work measures, consolidate the basis of the party branch to carry out the party fee collection self – examination work, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the party members in 2008-2016 16.30 million yuan. Second, in accordance with the spirit of the party committee, the staff of the center to carry out a comprehensive thoroughly, grasp the situation, rationalize the relationship between the organization, efforts to solve the “pocket party members” problem. Third, pay attention to young people training.

Rich party building Sabah & Sarawak 4D results activity

To “learn one by one” to learn education as an opportunity to focus on changing party members leading cadres style. In accordance with the provisions of the requirements of the leading cadres of democratic life 4D + xxx bonus, a total of 10 views of the party to the party branch, party branch secretary 10, branch members 7. Through careful sorting, targeted to be resolved, and further close the relationship between cadres and the masses, embodies the people, in order to achieve the goal of the annual task to make contributions. Third, adhere to the theme of development, in order to grasp the effectiveness of grasping 4D, this year, the face of economic downturn, lottery sales serious decline in the grim situation, the central party and government leaders when the situation, scientific co-ordination, multi-measures simultaneously, comprehensive policy, precision force, made significant The Damacai 1+3D Past Result. As of December 4, the province sold a total of 40.027 billion yuan of various welfare lottery, an increase of 90.34 million yuan, an increase of 2.31%, 1.2 billion yuan to raise public welfare funds. Fourth, to carry out anti-corruption, loyalty to grasp the party building, one is to carry out clean and honest education. Combined with the study plan, focus on the organization of party members strictly political discipline, resolutely implement the eight provisions.