Ping wisdom Guiyang 4D Result Lottery Video

Ping wisdom Guiyang 4D Result Lottery Video

In order to meet the “safe Guiyang” construction, ToTo 4D Malaysia combined with Guiyang Fucai sales place traffic flow, personnel structure is complex, all kinds of unexpected events in the actual situation, in 2015, Guiyang City Fucai Center for the CashSweep 4D Result 500 Fucai sales place, 9 Zhongfu online sales office wisdom Fucai network video surveillance and alarm system construction. The system has been completed and put into use, has been timely to detect and deal with more security risks and to resolve the Lottery disputes more than ten. June 2016, ToTo 4D Malaysia Center security officer through the video surveillance found a lottery people in the city of the online sales office to buy lottery tickets after the wallet left on the counter will leave the situation.

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Keep the wallet, and with the monitoring of the characters to provide timely information to find the lottery friends and the purse intact back to the owner. The same center security officer through the video surveillance to pay attention to the city a Fucai sales place, a Lottery in the chat with the station owner toTo 4D Malaysia, will not burn the cigarette butts readily discarded in the stacking carton corner, the security officer immediately notify The station owner will handle the cigarette butts, to avoid a disaster Magnum 4D Past Result occurred. In July 2016, the two lottery people in a Fucai sales place dispute, one of the Lottery said another lottery to steal its wallet, the center administrator to the Sport ToTo Tips to understand the situation after the video surveillance to restore the truth, video Showing that there is no contact between the two on ToTo 4D Malaysia. With the help of the power of monitoring also successfully resolved the contradiction between the two, to avoid the escalation of the conflict.

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Was stolen, the center immediately after the mobilization of the incident when the monitoring records for the public security organs 4D Result Malaysia News to crack the case, to combat the crime to provide important ToTo 4D Malaysia clues. “Smart Fucai” video monitoring system put into use, so that my city Fucai sales place “air defense, physical defense, technical defense,” a combination of security system more robust, in advance prevention, after the retention of the security level has been greatly improved ToTo 4D Malaysia , But also to further promote the “safe Guiyang” construction, and earnestly safeguard the public, Lottery life and property safety important livelihood initiatives.