4D Result Malaysia Distribution Management Center

4D Result Malaysia Distribution Management Center

In order to facilitate the public to understand China’s welfare lottery lottery information, Jiangxi Satellite TV will be broadcast daily “Fu Cai lottery” program; every week broadcast Singapore 4D program. Welcome to watch. Special announcement.

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According to the spirit of the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee on the earnest study and implementation of the 16th Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the 4D Past Result of the Yunnan Provincial Civil Affairs Bureau, the Center has actively carried out a series of learning activities to incorporate the spirit of ” Do “learning and education, combined with the reality of our center, developed a detailed learning plan, take a variety of forms, careful organization of collective learning and discussion. Organized by the cadres and workers throughout the study of the “Communist Party of China Eighteenth Central Committee of the Sixth Plenary Announcement”; November 7, learned the meeting considered 4d Result Malaysia Tips; the next step in the study plan, The person in charge will also focus on the spirit of the plenary session as the main content of the party class, divided the topic to carry out study and study, to further deepen the learning activities, combined with daily work, in the work to be implemented, so mastery.

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On the convening of the party’s Ninth National Congress of the resolution, through the 4D deposit bonus center leadership also take the lead in writing learning experience, deepen the spirit of the plenary understanding and understanding, improve the quality and effectiveness of learning. It is an important political task of the center to study and carry out the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Plenary Session of the Party. It is an important 4D Result Malaysia News task of the current and future Party organizations and the broad masses of party members and cadres. It is of great significance for the plenum to be rich and meaningful, and it is of great significance for all walks of life to earnestly carry out comprehensive and strict governance of the Party, strengthen and standardize the political life within the Party, and fully implement the supervision responsibilities within the Party and jointly create the political ecology.