Chengde Malaysia 4D Result Lottery truth student

Chengde Malaysia 4D Result Lottery truth student

June 30, 2016, Chengde Damacai 4D Malaysia Fucai Center, together with Chengde Bank, Chengde TV people’s livelihood directly to the section of the CashSweep 4D Result County poor college entrance examination students visited a total of four students submitted to the application of poor students, To understand their family situation. Visiting every family of poor college students is deeply touched by the hearts of everyone, because the family of all kinds of misfortunes, so that these juvenile juveniles are born more than their peers 4D Malaysia Past Result helpless, they also More than peers desire to study and study opportunities. Visit the process, there are some of these cold students let us moved, unforgettable: Zheng Yanyan, college entrance examination scores 533 points, four people at home, high school father liver cancer, his father needed surgery, the mother of foreign debt more than ten thousand for his father surgery, Father will be improved after surgery, did not expect three months after the sudden deterioration of the disease, cancer cells spread, the father died in the first month of 2015, the father’s departure so that the poor physical mother was dragged down, the whole family suddenly changed Was fragmented, Zheng Yanyan will also graduated from high school, is about to enter the university campus, should be happy things, but has become a difficult task.

Chengde Singapore Pools ToTo visit the poor graduates

Dai Liying, college entrance examination score of 562 points, the family of four people, the family to Sport ToTo Past Result the main agricultural, sister on the university has been owed foreign debt, sister wages are not high, the debt from home repayment, father legs got bones, unable to engage in physical labor, now All Damacai 4D Tips at home are on the shoulders of mothers, and more than two thousand dollars a month can not support the expenses of the whole family. Zhang Xuejia, college entrance examination score of 554 points, the father of high paraplegia, the following no sensation below the chest, incontinence, long bed, family life by the mother’s own care, the mother’s body is one day as a day, physical discomfort with the pain film to maintain, Zhang Xuejia school During the daily living expenses of less than ten yuan, the family burden so that the things that should be happy to become difficult. Qin Wei, college entrance examination scores of 578 points, the family of five people, sister fourth grade, younger brother sophomore, the father of the original 4D Result Malaysia Promotion iron ore work, because wages can not be normal and without work, 2016 spring to find a The income of the work is not high, because the three children in school at home, the father of a person’s wages can not support the entire family expenses, the mother had to find a job in the village, sometimes overtime at night, my brother on the mushroom shed Shop a bubble to sleep, the family annual income of more than 20,000, father cervical disease perennial medicine, net income is negative.

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2016 Chengde Fucai 4d stc center “Fucai offer truth, love students” student activities, for the poor students plug in the dream to achieve the wings. We believe that these check4d strong heart, know the students will be grateful with the love of the people deeply care, to maintain the tenacious struggle of the spiritual strength, in the face of adversity for their own dreams and struggle. Fucai help in the hope that more people to participate in them, but also hope that the late school students learn a success!