Hungry Ghost Festival is here, have you made your offerings?

Once a year of hungry ghost festival, the door of the underworld has been opened for the good brothers!!

People are all hurried to made their offering during this festive.

Lot of variety of offerings made to the good brothers (spirits) is believed will be blessed for protection.

Some pray for the purpose of safety for themselves and their family.

And yet some are pray for blessing of having a good luck in their business throughout the year.

Even so some pray for hoping to bless with the great fortune.


Many believed that making offerings is good for the good brothers, making offerings may get a protection from the good brothers and even great wealth as well.


For those who had made their offerings, have you try your luck yet? You might get surprise!


Here’s a real story of my friend who had pray on last Sunday (19-08-2018), right after she had done her offerings, she login to this website (her favourite 4D website) to place her lucky number “2311”on 4D iBox in all 3 side which is Magnum, Damacai & Toto with the amount of 5 Big 5 Small, and at evening around 7.30pm she then check the result of the 4D, she could hardly believe that her betting number has been draw out to be in one of the podium (First Prize).

She earned a total prize money of RM3,417!!


Ever wondered why the prize money is higher than the officials?

The reason is because the 4D website she bets on are the one of the highest payout company in the market!!

Only with the bet of RM1 Big and RM1 Small may get the prize money of RM8200.

First Prize

RM1 Big = RM3400

RM1 Small = RM4800

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You may always try your luck, who knows if a fortune is waiting for you there?!!