Guangdong Tour Malaysia 4D Result Live start

Guangdong Tour Malaysia 4D Result Live start

China’s first use of Singapore Pools 4D VR technology to achieve remote teaching flow Juvenile Palace enabled ToTo 4D Malaysia “I wear VR glasses, the immediate emergence of a studio hall, as if standing on the stage, in front of a piano, you can let me play , Good magic ah, after the father and mother do not have to spend money to buy piano can also learn, so happy ah! “Just in the” Fucai nursery number “mobile juvenile palace experience virtual reality technology (VR) remote teaching of McDonald’s children Say. July 19 morning, Guangdong Province, 2016 Fucai nursery plan ToTo 4D Malaysia start and flow Juvenile Palace missionary activities held in Guangzhou Baiyun District Jinsha Style Plaza, from the community of migrant workers children and Sandakan 4D left behind children more than 40 people to participate in teaching interaction , Deputy secretary of the provincial party committee Liang Junda, Guangdong Province Welfare Center Director Huang Yanbing attended the event.

The event was first made by 4D Malaysia Past Result

Mobile Juvenile Palace designer, director of the Department of Instrument Engineering, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, introduced the function of Magnum 4D Tips for the construction of vehicles. The car is the first multi-functional interactive platform for the use of ToTo 4D Malaysia Virtual Reality Technology (VR) to realize distance learning , Can be moved from the container, is a mobile classroom, stage, library, cinema, can provide music, art, sports, science and technology and other courses, children in the learning process can fully experience the online and offline interactive teaching mode ,Improve learning efficiency. And then led by the teacher to teach the scene scr888 children experience the new interactive music courses. Finally, the organizers led the representatives of the children and children together to start the 2016 Fucai nursery program and mobile juvenile palace to send ToTo 4D Malaysia activities. The next “Fucai nursery number” flow of the Children’s Palace every month to 4D Result Promotion A city tour tour activities, to take a concentrated experience and short-term training in a combination of ways to lead more children into the art hall, to further promote Equalization of educational resources.

Guangdong Fucai Damacai 1 + 3D News Plan

Issued by the provincial welfare lottery ToTo 4D Malaysia, the provincial party committee, provincial civilized office, the provincial education department co-sponsored. Implementation of the past five years, the province Fucai check 4d system to raise a total of more than 10 million yuan of funds for young people to provide nearly 30000 free public welfare degree, to carry out music, dance, painting, calligraphy, science and technology, sports and other aspects of talent training courses. The province within the range of migrant workers children, stay young children, life difficulties children and other groups can be in the annual ToTo 4D Malaysia summer, spring, autumn three stages free to enjoy around the Youth Palace to provide 4d stc talent skills training services, free Access to talent development opportunities.