Get Free RM10 Bonus 4D Online Betting Malaysia

Get Free RM10 Bonus 4D Online Betting Malaysia

Thank you all for your support! The iBET Get Free RM10 Bonus promotion has come to an end! Please keep in tune of iBET for more bonus!

Join iBET iLottery Online 4D Malaysia Get RM10, iBET with you to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival! Get no credit free RM10 bonus and play Onlin 4D Malaysia!

4D Online Betting Malaysia  Free RM10 Bonus Terms and Rules

  1. The Online 4D Malaysia Promotion is limited to new members receive.
  2. This 4D Malaysia Promotion begins at time 2016-09-01 00:00:01 to 2016-09-30 23:59:59 (GMT + 8)
  3. 4D Malaysia Activity is only applicable to RM, registration of all new members
  4. Please contact iBET Online 4D Betting Malaysia customer registration and participation in the new 4D member activities
  5. This offer is exclusive Malaysian bank members enjoy entertainment. New 4D Malaysia members must register at the same time deposit during the promotion period and to have qualified to participate in this event
  6. The members of the first bet can not exceed RM5, if consistent with the regulations will lead to wager bonus / profit is set aside
  7. The profile of new members entered such as bank accounts, the full name, mobile number must, if true and correct, if not the user name or false information will lead to bonus / profit is set aside, iBET will not take any responsibility
  8. Withdrawal limit RM128
  9. Each 4D Malaysia account, including the same name, the same address, same phone number, only to register an account.4D Malaysia  Members found to have multiple accounts or to the same IP using different accounts, etc., iBET Online  4D Malaysia Casino have the right to detain and capital account
  10. Online 4D Malaysia Free RM10 Promotion while complying with the terms and rules of the guidelines; iBET 4D Malaysia Online Casino has the final interpretation of this event.

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