4D Results Welcome to the upcoming Lunar New Year

4D Results Welcome to the upcoming Lunar New Year

Today announced that on January 3, 2016 issue of the first wave of New Year to ToTo 4D, let the people get ahead of the first “chicken”, scraping open the New Year good “chicken”. January 3 issue of 5 Chinese New Year theme ToTo 4D, which was undoubtedly the “4D Tips” the most attention, the first prize of up to 20 million yuan, a total of three in the first prize in the opportunity to scratch; also introduced a new package design “CashSweep”, New Year’s Day theme of the “$ 1,200 million Geely”, “Golden Rooster Award”, 4D Malaysia Result the total prize money of about 11.7 billion yuan, winning the highest rate of 100%, let the people enjoy the Golden Rooster, , Fortune fortune year!

4D Results Fans Look Forward to the New Year Every Year

Period to issue a high denomination of ToTo 4D, the annual listing will attract people to rush to buy, of which the most popular is the 2,000 yuan denomination ToTo 4D. On January 3, the “$ 20 million Fortune Campaign”, priced at $ 2,000 and $ 20 million each, provided more than 20 million lucky winners over the previous year and 300 Second prize of 1 million yuan, winning rate of 77.83%; with Past Results is the difference between the number of games scraping area from 8 in previous years to 10, also for the first time more than 30,000 more than 30,000 awards, whether bought scratch their own, Raising funds together with the scraping, or 4D Malaysia Result, “20 million open fortune to make money” will allow consumers to have more winning opportunities and more pleasant winning feeling!

The New “CashSweep” by ToTo 4D

Each priced at 200 yuan, 4 tickets for a group of design, there are 4 different colors, the red envelope on the scratch area also with “rich”, “lucky”, “luck”, “Lucky” and other auspicious words , With 4D Tips New Year good omen, combined with the general public in the New Year’s CashSweep custom, suitable for the purchase of a set of four to give friends and relatives with fun, winning 50%, an average of 2 will be 1, up to 200 first prize 10 Million, is the market price of 200 yuan to To 4D winning the highest rate, the highest number of a prize!